Weekly Roundup - Week 42 - New Build Coming Soon!

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Hi everyone!

New Build Coming!

The new build is nearing completion and should be ready this week or the next!

To recap from a previous post, these next few builds will not contain new story or lewd content as we were mainly focused on rebuilding the world and doing other overhaul work. That means the next couple of builds will not be full builds like in the old sense but I'd rather call them something like Preview Builds, until we have caught up content wise to the old state with the overhaul.

I’m really looking forward to releasing this build. It took longer than I had anticipated and due to covid throwing us a curveball isn’t as feature complete as we would have liked, but I’d rather get this one out now so you can all see the new art and the direction we are headed into.

After this build I'll also be working on new lewd content for the game to further flesh out some bits that are missing from the jungle planet main story line or start working on a new enemy for the upcoming planet.

The levels are also going to be a bit empty for now as I’m going to work on new minor enemies to flesh out the levels a bit. Things like more insect types and new traps, to round off the platforming a little bit! ^w^

What will be in the new build?

  • Major visual overhaul of the jungle biome art
  • Major visual overhaul of the village
  • Redo starting area of the planet from starting point to the village
  • Some movement updates, copy paste from experimental builds
  • Probably a lot of bugs and content missing from the old builds
Until next week!
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Sounds great!