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Kincaid is a lewd platforming adventure with a sci-fi theme. Our protagonist is an adventurer, exploring uncharted planets and their wild life! 

Join our playful and naughty wolf girl Kincaid, as she sexplores flora & fauna and meets new friends (with benefits~) and adversaries! 

Kincaid is not alone: She is joined by her sidekick Ai, an artificial intelligence that lives inside her ship's computer and provides support from the orbit. 

An exciting adventure full of hot action, burning lust and erotic surprises unfolds!


Kincaid is a naughty wolf girl and quickly succumbs to sexy distractions. Give her a nudge to remind her of her quest - or do nothing and watch her satisfy her curiosity and lust! 
She writes down all her "research findings" (unlocked scenes) in her journal for you to enjoy again at a later time.


  • Travel to three unique planets: Each planet is a continuous, metroidvania-style world with different areas and a variety of enemies and sex encounters.
  • Plan your next adventure from the safety of Kincaid's own space ship. Interact with Ai and discover spicy secrets about Kincaid's past.
  • Fast-paced melee-oriented combat!
  • Story bosses and optional secret bosses.
  • A whole cast of NPC characters for you to meet, each with their own unique and hand-crafted sex animations!
  • Heart-throbbing high-res CGs!
  • Collect Powerups that give Kincaid new abilities, like Double-Jump, Charged Shot, and Shield.

The action focuses on a female protagonist facing male and female opponents, as well as some more exotic encounters and monsters. 


Cookiedraggy - Art / Design - FA/Twitter
That's me! I'm an artist and game developer within the furry fandom. If you know me, it's probably because of my porn on  FurAffinity! I create all the art for Kincaid, as well as designing the gameplay and world together with Nullbunny. 

Nullbunny - Programming / Design - FA/Twitter
Hey, I'm Null and I'm responsible for most of the coding work! I started making video games at a young age and it's been my number one hobby ever since.

Null and I have been working together on games for 6 years now. We know each others processes and we have an efficient workflow going. We're also living together, which makes it even easier to communicate and collaborate. 

We love making games and will work on Kincaid no matter what. By pledging you can encourage and appreciate our work, and enjoy some exclusive rewards! 

With your support we'll be able to dedicate more of our time creating Kincaid, instead of spending most of our time on freelance work and doing commissions. 

In the long run we hope that Patreon will help us get other artists on board as well and make Kincaid the best erotic furry platformer. 

You can find our FAQ here.


Your support means the world to us and if you like our game, please tell others about it! 

I hope we'll see you on Discord or in one of our Picarto streams


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im truly into these kind of lewd 2D platformer games and this is one of my top 2 fav games plus max the elf 
im so excited looking forward for more content ;3


I love it! Looking forward to seeing the adventure continue. :)

FYI: Steam blocks everything NSFW in germany since around 12-2020. So currently no one from germany is able to buy any of your games or even see your dev page on Steam.
Hence, please also publish it on some other site besides Steam (for example Itch.io) when it is ready.

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This is a Fun Game!

Now I'm Wishing If someone made a FNF Mod with Kincaid as The Girlfriend

Now That will be cool!

Love Kincaid's animations and My Favorite is The Werewolf!

Really Nice and Sexy Game


I find the game really cool, u guys must've spent a LOT of ur free time creatin this.

some ideas for the game in future updates:

  • more enemies (shouldn't be too hard for u guys)
  • more boss chambers
  • chieftain sex scene (as in the character being able to have lesbian sex with her)

there's a bunch of other ideas i can think of, but for now those three are my top choices. i can't wait for ur next update by the way!

ps. i'm not an actual furry (if u have noticed my profile photo), i am just a fan of furries. so much that i watched an anime show based around furries. that is the reason i downloaded this game.


I got a suggestion which might be very fun, what if like the kobolds, you can get an threesome scene with slimes? like have the slimes merge and do some more coverage with the sex scenes or something hehe


next update when? :)
keep up the good work btw! :D

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Might be a bit of a stretch, but is there a chance for a web based version?

Edit - There is one on Newgrounds, but will it be fixed up? 


Hiya! :) After we upgraded to the newest gamemaker we found out that their web export is still buggy. I haven't been able to create a stable browser version yet. Bugfixes for it should be coming at some point tho.


Aw, that sucks. Good luck with that.


Is there a 6 scene on chrismas hotfix kincard free i look everwhere i got 5 but no 6 scene is the saber tooth tiger one

you gave me my refund then it disappeared. what happened?

The refunds have been processed. It will take a few days for the funds to appear in your account. I sent you an email with a screenshot of the processing status. Cheers.

ok thx

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Since I just completed the game in under 20 minutes, I figured I would write a comment to review the game (or the progress thus far)

First Run Playtime: 01:10:00 (ingame time)
Current Best Time: 00:19:56 (external timer)

First off, as far as gameplay goes, it's fun. Mashing when grabbed definitely isn't an original concept, but it's executed quite well here. Platforming feels nice and smooth (but in a good way, not like sliding on ice.)

I don't think there's any trap that feels "unfair".  All traps can be avoided if you just take the extra second to look ahead of yourself.

All this being said, I do feel like a small improvement for the demo would be to add different modifiers to playthroughs, as a sort of new game + kind of thing.

Once the demo has been completed, you can replay the game with different modifiers, to make it harder (or easier, if you want.) such as:

  • No mash: Instead of mashing to get out of stun, the bar fills back up slowly.
  • More enemies: Some enemies are duplicated.
  • Double Enemies: ALL enemies are duplicated.
  • Automatically Grabbed: When grabbed, a cutscene starts immediately, instead of giving the player a chance to mash.
  • Harder traps: Traps are given modifiers that make them harder to avoid
    Ex: Slimes (when attached to a floor or wall) are invisible until you walk near them.
  • Pacifist: You can't use your main attack, and the energy beam does no damage. Bosses will very slowly drain health, and energy charges are gained when picking up a max health increase.


I'm definitely going to support this game wherever I can, and I can't wait for the full release on steam. Keep up the good work!


Glad you had fun playing and thank you for the warm words! ^.^

The pacifist run mode sounds interesting!

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First of all, GREAT game. Perfect mix of polished, entertaining gameplay and straight up porn. Now, I'm not typically into furry stuff, but this is making me reconsider :)

Secondly, I can't seem to find the link to the official discord server. Might I be advised as to where to find it? Edit: nevermind, I got it. But my question still stands.

And thirdly, a question that I wanted to ask on the discord but, seeing as I can't locate it, I though I might as well ask here. I have four entries currently in my "expedition journal", numbers 1-4. Are the other two available in the free version?

Thanks for your assistance!

Hi! Glad you had fun! Always stoked to see a "I'm not a furry, BUT" comment. xD

You can get to the discord here:

Cookiedraggy's Art Cave

Hints on how to unlock the missing things are also in the discord FAQ :3


Hey friend, I've found a bug (maybe) when you escape purple slime in the temple and there's floor above slime will teleport on top and became trapped there ;3

I haven't finished the game, so I can't tell if it's good or not maybe I'll come back later for more feedback

Good find! Thank you for the report :D


W§HY DO YOU HAVE TRO MAKE THE FIRST BOSS HARDER THAN ANY FINAL BOSS IN A GAME IVE PLAYED? wtf is wrong with u m8? SOmetimes you can't even NOT take damage, sometimes he doesnt even take damage. wtf is this bossfight, bad


Don't forget you can dodge roll and heal yourself. When he is about to cast it is the best time to quickly heal. If you have enough health, the casting is also a time where you can get consecutive hits in. Good luck. ^^


I will say that the wolf boss is rather difficult, and stopped me for a long time while i was still learning the game, might make sense to have an option to skip the fight after a number of consecutive defeats


nice name


@Alex Stop fapping during the battle "^^


git gud


Git gud u skrub


The boss really only took me a dozen attempts to beat, and I kinda enjoy the difficulty. I thought that it was super hard at the beginning, but once I figured it out, it was actually pretty easy.

It's actually quite an easy boss, if you keep dodge rolling at the right time you can farm the boss with punches, and you can heal during his ranged attack!


Hey, I really love this game and it feels amazing to play. I genuinely feel if this game were less sexual this would be like the next shovel knight with how good it is. I will for sure pay for it on release. 

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I don't know how accurate my opinion is gonna be. Don't flame me if you think I'm wrong. But lets be honest, there are a million (or at least a thousand) other (non-sexual) games out there that are like this game, that (no offence) have better story than this one, are longer than this one, and/or have better graphics than this one.  The sexual part of this game is honestly what gave it a spark, a way to stand out. If you were to publish this without the sexual part, it would be among the thousands of other games. Without a doubt, it would have been swept away like all the others. But since it is sexual it only has to compete with like 7 or 10 other games (even if not 7 or 10, way less than 10000). Thus allowing it to have risen to what it is now. 


Thank you for the kind words! ^^


Hey Cookiedraggy! 
This game is amazing. 
Could you add hard mode to it?
I would like to play more challenging while I'm waiting for the new lewd stuff.

When does the final boss will be ready 


How do I unlock the scene before the saber-toothed tiger?


Complete the quest for the flying school, talk to the teacher and then to the queen, it should unlock everything available in the village. ^^

How can I update the game withou losing my progress? Help pls


The save files should carry over automatically. ^^ But depending on how old the previous version are they might be broken due to changes in the game.

Loaded up a 2months old save after the recent (minor?) update, consistently get this error message.




action number 1

of Alarm Event for alarm 0

for object obj_main_menu_controller:

Unexisting room number: -1

at gml_Script_start_game


gml_Script_start_game (line -1)


Might want to look into that :P


Where can I see the second gallery and the sixth gallery?


For the sixth entry, you have to talk to the villagers and their leader. Once you find the lost scout, head back to the village. There will be a cutscene. Talk to the leader again. (I assume you already have the fifth entry so the only thing missing is talking to the leader again and looking around the whole village)
Now for the second entry, You have to find more than one enemy kobold. Make one stun you, and wait for more than one to show up on screen, once the first one pinned you down, the others will join in on the fun. I hope this helped


So I've gone through the demo a couple times, and I noticed the second entry in the gallery was missing. I've seen kobolds, slimes, the wolf, the naughty villagers, the scout trainer, but still only one entry missing. Is it the spy? Do I have to find them even after saving the trainer's friend? Or do I have to fix the water?

Halp pls :T

Probably threesome with kobolds! It's a bit of a secret one. ^^

Thanks! I just unlocked it myself, can't believe I overlooked that.

I downloaded the update, but I dont know how to transfer my data over to the new save, how do I do this?


It should happen automatically ^^

I downloaded it but the save slots are empty

How long ago was the first time you played? The save system changed a long time ago and the saves from that wouldn't carry over.

I downloaded it 11/17/2020

I was wondering how i can help the queen with the rift, it doesnt give me the option to intereact with the rift in the queen's chamber. If it is becuase is the demo version is okay if is locked and only available for patreans only, also are we getting the uncesored cutscene with flight instructor in the demo or is only for patreons?

Has there been an update that goes past the village yet? I dont remember when I downloaded the game.

Hi! This may be out of place in the comment section of a porn game, but an experience just recently sparked my curiosity.

I had just reinstalled Kincaid after a significant period after deleting it, and I noticed that my game data had been preserved! I'm not complaining, it was pretty handy, but I was just wondering where Kincaid's data is actually stored seeing as it isn't likely in the .zip file the game comes in.

Thanks! I'm looking forward to future updates :3

(Note: I looked in %AppData% and couldn't find anything kincaid related, am I just missing it or?)

Hi! Sorry for the late reply ^^ The game options and save files are here: C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Local\Kincaid_2_3

Thanks! The late reply isn't minded, I didn't actually know data could be stored there. You learn something new everyday ^w^

Does anyone know what the sixth galery entry is and how to unlock it?

I just got the Sabertooth build but I have no sound, yet you said it was added. Anything I should do or anyway you're able to help?

Try downloading it again now. ^^


Can you make a build of the final boss i was thinking can be a evil kincaid or you can call shadow kincard have the same attack 


hello just saying when the new update be free sabertooth tiger update


I gave you an answer in one of all your other posts asking for the same thing. ^^;

Is there any way to run the game on a chrome book?

Not yet, there is going to be a web build at some point, when YoYoGames comes out with a bugfix for their exporter! This will run on non-PC machines.

Ok thank you. Please tell me when it will be ready, I am so excited to play it

I can't start the game. I try to press the A key for the verification, but neither that or the X key work. Only ESC works, which does not let me continue to the game. I also re-downloaded the game to see if that would help, but it did not help at all. Does this happen to anyone else?

Alright, if anyone has this happen, just hit space bar. Fix that maybe, if you can.


It is fixed in the upcoming update (in Patreon it is fixed). You most likely rebound the controls and the start screen didn't reflect those changes.


Games fun I hope it gets updated soon!                                                                                   Perv appreciation +1 


when the both updates be free like the sabertooth tiger plz be free soon plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz 

Is this game coming out on mobile ??? Like plsss make available for mobile PLSSSSS im gonna use and on PC but i also want an android version PLSSSS (Pls reply.....)

Hiya! Glad you like the game but at the moment we're not planning to do a mobile version, sorry. :/


hello just asking when the new update be free

Hiya! ^^ I don't have an estimate but I will make an announcement here when it is done. In the meantime, you can follow me on Twitter or read the weekly roundups on Patreon. The public demo is going to get updated a while after the patreon version updates. ^^

Will the full game be free on Steam once it is finished?


you should make the boss have a voice just like kincaid like the wolf and when the final boss be ready 


Hello. i am here for two things.

the first being this hud that i worked on. feel free to use it , moddify it or whatever.

the second thing is to ask if you can access the game files (sprites,music,...) so it is possible to mod the game.

that is all. thank you :)


when the new up date be free 


Excuse me. Can i ask something?

Is sex scene with this two is avaiable? If yes so where can i find them? If no, so i wait for this. And... Why in this game kobolds are cute?

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