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Kincaid is a lewd platforming adventure with a sci-fi theme. Our protagonist is an adventurer, exploring uncharted planets and their wild life! 

Join our playful and naughty wolf girl Kincaid, as she sexplores flora & fauna and meets new friends (with benefits~) and adversaries! 

Kincaid is not alone: She is joined by her sidekick Ai, an artificial intelligence that lives inside her ship's computer and provides support from the orbit. 

An exciting adventure full of hot action, burning lust and erotic surprises unfolds!


Kincaid is a naughty wolf girl and quickly succumbs to sexy distractions. Give her a nudge to remind her of her quest - or do nothing and watch her satisfy her curiosity and lust! 
She writes down all her "research findings" (unlocked scenes) in her journal for you to enjoy again at a later time.


  • Travel to three unique planets: Each planet is a continuous, metroidvania-style world with different areas and a variety of enemies and sex encounters.
  • Plan your next adventure from the safety of Kincaid's own space ship. Interact with Ai and discover spicy secrets about Kincaid's past.
  • Fast-paced melee-oriented combat!
  • Story bosses and optional secret bosses.
  • A whole cast of NPC characters for you to meet, each with their own unique and hand-crafted sex animations!
  • Heart-throbbing high-res CGs!
  • Collect Powerups that give Kincaid new abilities, like Double-Jump, Charged Shot, and Shield.

The action focuses on a female protagonist facing male and female opponents, as well as some more exotic encounters and monsters. 


Cookiedraggy - Art / Design - FA/Twitter
That's me! I'm an artist and game developer within the furry fandom. If you know me, it's probably because of my porn on  FurAffinity! I create all the art for Kincaid, as well as designing the gameplay and world together with Nullbunny. 

Nullbunny - Programming / Design - FA/Twitter
Hey, I'm Null and I'm responsible for most of the coding work! I started making video games at a young age and it's been my number one hobby ever since.

Null and I have been working together on games for 6 years now. We know each others processes and we have an efficient workflow going. We're also living together, which makes it even easier to communicate and collaborate. 

We love making games and will work on Kincaid no matter what. By pledging you can encourage and appreciate our work, and enjoy some exclusive rewards! 

With your support we'll be able to dedicate more of our time creating Kincaid, instead of spending most of our time on freelance work and doing commissions. 

In the long run we hope that Patreon will help us get other artists on board as well and make Kincaid the best erotic furry platformer. 

You can find our FAQ here.


Your support means the world to us and if you like our game, please tell others about it! 

I hope we'll see you on Discord or in one of our Picarto streams


Kincaid Public 68 MB

Development log


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Como puedo entrar ya que no me deja entrar al juego

ahhhh sr cookie qwq

Does this count as a bugg report? :

action number 1
of  Step Event0
for object obj_mosquito:

Cannot apply sqrt to negative number.
at gml_Script_mosquito_attack
stack frame is
gml_Script_mosquito_attack (line -1)

Yes, thank you very much! ^w^


i was wondering if you would maybe add a secret scene on the full version, i know that's a lot of more work, but i think it would be cool!


I'm planning on adding lots of secrets! ^^

This looks great,  there's no good furry games for android, please make a android version...

I'd love to but unfortunately I don't know too much about it. I want to look into it at some point, but it's not very high on my priority list, sorry. :/


It's ok, I hope I can get a PC soon...I wish I luck buddy!😁👍

Overall, the game is really fun, but i found some issues in the browser version. Sometimes after getting hit the background music stops playing, and if you lose the last bar of life to an enemy but manage to 'free' yourself you can play with 0 hp, but when you get hit once more the game freezes.

Thanks for the bug report!! I'll look into it ^^

(2 edits)

Just got to the first save point, and so far this is a fun platformer! Though I have a problem - when I try to change input controls in the settings, I can only set controls to A, S, arrow keys, or enter. Is there something I'm missing with changing inputs? I've been playing it in-browser so far.

EDIT: I just started playing the pc version and figured out how to change input controls correctly. Maybe it was just a browser issue? But the pc version works fine!


Thank you for playing! Yes the browser version has some bugs in regards to input remapping that didn't show up in our tests. :/ I'm hoping I'll be able to fix it soon!


so far the game is amazing, however I didnt catch anything from the most recent update... now I was using a previous save, but I explored thoroughly... do I need to get a new save or are the npc's, bridges, and other work not implemented yet?

This is work in progress and will be in the upcoming update!

cool, good to know

On the full game there's only the Wolf the slime and the lizards?  I just want to know...



I feel that to controls you should add that pressing "A" and DOWN at the same time allows for falling down through platforms, since that's required for accessing more of the game. I only discovered it by complete accident, and I can only imagine that there are other people who don't know about that are getting upset, thinking it's an incomplete game or something, Just a little suggestion that I feel with help the game go farther. Otherwise a fun and challenging game. Keep up the awesome work!

Noted!! I will add a little tutorial note. ^^

(2 edits)

On the public build, is the only available cut scene the one that happens when killed by those lizard people? Also, heard mention of a temple but never found it, maybe that's where I'm screwing up. Is there something like a walkthrough guide or maybe a map that shows the layout of the whole place?

There are two more! Slime and wolf. ^w^

"Is there something like a walkthrough guide or maybe a map that shows the layout of the whole place?"

Soon! It's being worked on. : )

I have to be a patreon to download the full game?? answer me pls !

No the download is available at the bottom of the page! ^^


God I love this game. Hope it turns out great. Got a few questions tho:

1. Considering a mobile control layout?

2. Is there like an end goal in the current build?

3.  When do you expect to have the journal implemented for sex scenes?

Thank you for the kind words! :D

1. We considered it but so far it's not on the roadmap. It's not a definite "No", but unlikely in the near future.

2. Yes! :) If you reach the end of the build you will see a Thank You message.

3. Next update, together with a gallery!


when there will be a new update and what will be there?

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh can i make a video on this? (well im not sure if i should put this on youtube)

Sure! Go ahead!

okie dokie

will there be a port on android

Very unlikely.

I did try the game and it crashed

Here is the CrashLog:

action number 1
of  Step Eventobj_enemy_hitbox
for object obj_player_hurtbox:

Unable to find any instance for object index '4' name 'obj_player'
at gml_Object_obj_player_hurtbox_Collision_209f06ff_e674_42d4_a346_213fe1b3ae2b
stack frame is
gml_Object_obj_player_hurtbox_Collision_209f06ff_e674_42d4_a346_213fe1b3ae2b (line -1)


Thanks for the bug report!

Are the climbing gloves in this build? If so where might they be? I have been everywhere i can find to go but have yet to locate them.

They are in, yes. After you reached the upper part of the temple and fell down the long way and acquired the blaster, take the route to the right. It will lead you back to the lower temple. You find the gloves if you go back down to where you came out when you exited the gauntlet part (double jump). ^w^

Hello everyone, I really liked this game ! And I would like to see the sequel! Your game is very good! 

I would like to offer you a couple of ideas for the game itself: 3
1-I would like when you add a spaceship, you can choose the outfit that our favorite Kincaid will work in.
2-I would like to see new poses with enemies and the like.
3-I would like to see various scenes after Kincaid's defeat on spikes or fireball

Thank you for your attention! We are waiting for new updates)

(1 edit) (+1)

I noticed on the GitHub website the correct background isn't showing, change "background-image" in the index.css file to "background"

I took out the image on purpose, it didn't fit. But thank you! ^^

No problem, it was a fun to re-implement and see how it was meant to look




Hello there!

I played the Wolf Build just this morning and I can say I love it! But there are a couple of issues I want you to know about

Since Enemies can block you from walking past them and they don't give you anything for defeating them, I just found myself dodge rolling past them without care, there's no reward for defeating them (afaik) so why should I bother? I tried to think for a solution for this myself, and I only came up with letting the player see an alternate sprite sex scene where Kincaid takes the dominant role if they choose to interact with a downed enemy, that or making enemies drop money you can use in a shop somewhere idk though I would prefer the first option :P , just that enemies rewarding nothing on defeat is lame

On the other side of the spectrum, how about a "submit" button? I'm talking about intercourse submission of course,  cuz to see the thing we're coming here for, you kinda need to let an enemy deal damage or at worse, completely defeat you, both punishing you with being injured or going back to the last checkpoint, so how about just a feature where you press like X or smthn and Kincaid drops to the ground and lets anybody approach and do anything to her. No health loss/return to last checkpoint. 

I still have a couple more suggestions, but I feel like I've talked too much already lol. Nevertheless, I admire your work on this! Great Job! I want to see this finished someday, the only reason I don't support you on patreon is because I don't have money rn :c But keep it up, you're doing amazing!

The idea of submitting or fucking downed enemies is great, I personally beat up most of the enemies in my way to make gameplay longer. I like the fact you don't even have to deal with them sometimes lol

I have seen someone talk about adding wolves to the game, since it's not allowed, maybe you should recycle the Werewolf and make weaker variations to it after the boss fight, as if the one you fought was the alpha and the rest are just normal ones.

Hi! ^^

Yeah, I mentioned more stuff about the wolf in the cover letter, maybe you missed it. ^^

He is going to be an enemy type on a different planet down the line, with other types of wolves (it will have a shamanistic flair). I put up an enemy poll a while ago and he won, so I wanted to give him to players. That's why he appears in a rather odd spot at the moment. :3

Played the new version a couple of days ago, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed the new features. My only issues are the same as others have mentioned. I have a couple of suggestions to make the game play a little bit different  (although I am in no way a game designer, so take this with a grain of salt). First, I would add a thing where the flying enemies would stop chasing you and return to their original place, allowing a "fight or flight" strategy, as they can be hard to hit. Second, there are a couple of level hazards that are placed in a way that makes it hard to progress (my example is spikes on a roof directly over a death pit, which requires precise movements in order to not die, which combined with what I think is a slight lack of saves makes some areas particularly annoying). Lastly,  I have one of my "ideas", which is to add a mechanic, which is slimes that are hiding on ceilings can knock you out, then grab and pull you onto the ceiling and play a different animation, like half-life barnacles in a way. This is just a suggestion, so don't feel like adding that unless you really want to. Also, a question. What is the default key to press to initiate the kobold threesome (if it even is in this build)? Anyway, I love the way that the game is going so far, and I'll be eagerly awaiting the next update.


Thank you! ^^ I like some of your suggestions and wrote them down! As for the threesome, it's only in the Patreon version at the moment. :3

(1 edit)

LOVE this game, my only problem is that it gets insanely hard in some routes, mostly with traps and the flying bug enemy, since you cannot hit it mid air sometimes. my other complaint is that you aren't able to use some keys when changing the controls. overall everything about this is amazing, I love that it's hard, but it gets impossible sometimes, some do get better with practice though. also love the art and music in your game.

Thank you! ^^ The difficulty is indeed a work in progress... we got feedback that it is too easy, so we push a little further, and now it seems too hard. That helps us gauge how good or bad the learning curve is. :3

There is going to be a mini map in the next update, we just started working on it!

Deleted 24 days ago
(2 edits)

I've managed to get through a bunch of enemies and traps, after a bit of practicing. Though the difficulty should get toned down early on (nothing too easy, of course.) and get harder as the game progresses. I have beat the Wolf boss, and boy, was it fun! adding a mini map would definitely be a way of making it easier.                                                    that said, best of luck to ya'll! i'll look forward to your game!

Minimap is in development! Coming next update ^w^

(1 edit) (+1)

Hey it might just be because this game is in early dev or I'm using the web version but I think the game may be bugged or broken. I play it as usual but every single way I've gone has been either a dead end or loops me back to a point I've already been to.  When I say this I know I'm not being a dumbass because I've gone every way I could. Is there a reason it might be doing this?

Sidenote: When I go to change the controls to my needs I'm only able to change the top two and then only certain keys register. 

Input remapping is currently broken in the web version.

Regarding the game not progressing, have you opened the temple?


That sounds very dramatic so I'm gonna say no on that one.

Pushing a button is dramatic? Okay. xD

Well you used the word temple and that word usually gives me a sense of power and ancient knowledge so I just assume things like that are epic X3  If you could send me a screenshot though I'll be able to identify if I've been there or not and give your question a definite answer

Do you know if the online mapping will be fixed in the near future?


Please add the censorship button to the main menu, that is, when you click on this button, all 18+ content will disappear, do not rush to throw slippers at me, I think this will make the game popular, it’s just hard to imagine the Hollow Knights or porn scenes because it is a lot less people will play
I just want the game to become more popular.
I hope Google translated everything correctly. UwU


Sorry, I won't censor the game because it's a porn game and advertised as such. ^w^


Awesome update as always! It is so amazing to watch the game develop so much with each release.


  • Good platforming! A bit challenging in some places, but the fun kind of challenge.
  • Music is pretty good, sets the atmosphere nicely.
  • Art is amazingly detailed! Both in-game and during the game-over screens, I can tell a lot of work was put into those.


  • Learning curve is definitely steeper. People who haven't played the previous version may struggle a bit in some places.
  • Save points don't seem to work on the browser version - I always respawn at the start with all my progress removed.
  • Maybe have an extra slider for the sex sounds instead of combining it with the sound effects?

Overall, this game is incredibly well done given that it is still a work in progress.


Thank you! ^w^

Save points do work - it must be a browser issue on your end then. Did you activate them? (Press up).

The extra audio options are on the way! :3

Hmm... must be a browser issue then. The words "Saved" always appear at the terminals.

I also found out that if you keep running straight into the lizard-men, they can't hit you with their slingshots.

(1 edit) (+2)

My big complaint is how hard the platforming is and the difficulty curve. A lot of mechanics and hazards are thrown at the player immediately. From projectiles coming from everywhere, to punishing the player for not moving, to a jump that if you jump too high you get hit by thorns that then drops you into an instant death pit. This game also desperately needs a map of some sort. Also I agree with the guy that says there needs to be more save stations. Christ, being immediately dropped into situations at the start where I have to evade a projectile from a turret and a projectile from an enemy at the same time is very taxing.


Note taken! I'll work on improving the learning curve. :3


Heres my only complaint, for fucks sake put a damn save point where there should be one, Theres 2, literally only 2, before the second area, do you know how much crap has to be done before those two? I much liked the starting at the beginning of the room rather than going all the way back..


There's actually three save points before the temple, but note taken!

i found that out after dying multiple times in the room right before...infuriating to say the least


Didn't see any bugs in my playthroughs. Definitely harder than the last update. Still love the scale of hardness though. Once you play it a few times, it gets pretty easy to dodge things. Awesome update! 

PS: love the machine saving stations idea :)


Thanks! <3


ok there is a large amount of people that are going to jerk off to this 


I'd hope so, I worked hard so people could!


so you intended on making this wow determination 

I don't know how to put heart to your big game, but I'll write it uwu <3

Awww thank you ^-^

Sorry to be a bother, I tried changing the keybindings through the settings and regardless of what button I press, it changes to A

Not a bother! I will look into it, thanks for the bug report!

Did some more testing. Downloading the game, changing the settings worked fine. It's the browser that's having the issues.

the game seems to be just a little bit harder each time which I am honestly liking, it gives a challenge that is more than just a lewd game. Also the game has its own little tricks like certain things you think you couldn't duck under you can. Another great update.

Thank you! We are still gauging people's reaction to different difficulties to settle on a final one during development. This time it seems more people are having trouble with it, which is a good indicator that we need to adjust the learning curve. ^^

I like it a lot, good job! I should note that I experienced a glitch a few times where the game froze when I pressed esc, instead of restarting. Don't know the cause.

Thanks! I will investigate~

Awesome, the Steam version will blow up through sells!!!

Thank you gillenew!!! ^w^


After this game is finished, are you guys planning to sell it somewhere? Like steam or here on


Yes! You can actually wishlist it already. ^-^

We haven't officially announced it yet, as it just went live moments ago!


Great! I actually searched the title a while ago and no results. Now I'll just wait for it to be finished! Good luck developing!


gud i buy now

Deleted 5 days ago

Yes, it is already implemented and will be released soon. ^^

Deleted 5 days ago

i would get it and buy the full game if i had a computer to be able to run it but sadly i have a crappy laptop
but all in all the free version on here is amazing and i would love to see more being done with this project

Can you give me the specs of your computer? Does the game just run really slow?

no its a Chromebook so i cant run exe files and thats about it

Hi! Amazing game. It's extremely well put together and That made me wonder what you use to make the game. I'm interested in game development, but I don't know where to start; Maybe you could provide a list of the things you use                (e.g animation tool, languages for coding, etc.) so I could have an Idea of what to do. 

Thank you in advance and I hope you and nullbunny are successful with this project.

also, I remember coming across a post of yours saying you'll add cosmetics for Kincaid in the game. Is this going to happen and if so, how far are you into completing it?


Cosmetics are going to happen, but we start working on them after more actual game content has been implemented! ^^

As far as our tools go:

The game engine we use is GameMaker Studio 2. Animation tool is Aseprite. Illustrations are done in Clip Studio Paint. For audio stuff we use Audacity and FL Studio. For the actual game design we use a lot of paper, journals, sticky notes and organize everything with a tool called Dynalist! We also have a private Discord server with just the two of us where we have channels for different topics.

Thanks for the info, that'll be really helpful but... you have only 2 people in your development team? you and nullbunny?

We also hired a composer and a sound fx guy. ^^

oh ok cool!

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