Weekly Roundup - Week 06 - Shower Threefun is done!

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

New Art Pack Released!

I wrapped up work on the shower scene and just published the art pack for patrons! Grab it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62549583

I think I am done with animating a threesome for a couple of months! This one took a lot out of me. xD

Altogether this animation set has 178 frames!

Build Progress Report

With this out of the way the build is quickly coming together!

I have to do a few simple sprite animations for cutscene characters, Null is adding sounds to the shower scene and we have to do some level design for the side quest that triggers the animation!

Really looking forward to getting this build out to you! x_x

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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