Weekly Roundup - Week 02 - Shower with your friends & save water!

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Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

This week's amazing cover art was done by GafaGear!

New Loop Progress!

Last week I made some good progress on the new loop! It will consist of two parts and the core animation has been blocked in for both:

  • Part A will be the (to be named) husband of the couple making sweet love to our heroine while his wife massages Kincaid’s breasts.
  • Part B will be him taking a short breather as he gets too close. Kincaid and his wife take a moment for some making out.

I’m adjusting the rendering on the animation a bit, trying to make them look wet. Not sure if I succeeded just yet. After animation has been done I also want to do another pass over it to make one or two droplets of water run down their bodies.

Experimental Build Sketches

I also made some sketches for the experimental build I mentioned in the Christmas post!

Depending on the enemy and "energy" of the following act loop I want to show one or more of these short emotes to give context leading into the act.

Let me know what you think! ^w^

Some smaller QoL things

We always went back and forth between doing a Visual Novel style overlay for dialogues, or animating the characters in the scene and making them talk with speech bubbles.

In the end we decided to go with in-scene animations. Currently the text boxes are down on the screen and reading while the action is going on up there is a bit jarring. So the characters will get proper speech bubbles!

The current speech bubbles characters sometimes use aren’t very user friendly, they can go off-screen, they disappear based on a timer etc.

The new ones try to stay near the character while also staying on-screen. The little speech bubble nib follows the player and starts rotating once the moving parts are otherwise locked up!

And for the fun of it, here are some very early concepts for the VN style approach:

Until next week!!
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It would be pretty neat to let enemies have their way with you after you beat them up, instead of needing to get hit instead, just for those hitless run types.


There is not a single bad thing to say here, just good af


Ooh, I love the little emote animations, can't wait to see them! That VN-style nude render looks really fun - it would be neat to see stuff like that return in some form, even if it's not full VN-style conversations! ^w^

I like it

Good job keep up it up!


This looks incredible!