Weekly Roundup - Week 50 - Merry Crimmis!

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Hi everyone!

Whoops, Monday just came and went! How about that!

This week’s cover art is a commission done by Nugget (https://www.furaffinity.net/user/nuggetdraws/)!

Important Note: Further down there is a question we want to ask our community! If you have the time, please leave some thoughts in the comments!

Merry Crimmus!

First of all we’d like to wish you all a Merry Christmas! I hope you’ll stay warm and enjoy a few cozy days with your loved ones - be it online or in person!

New Public Version Released!

Last week we released (and patched) the new public demo of Kincaid! It now includes the lewd scenes with the gecko as well as Akamai’s romancing scene. The build-up to it has not yet been added to the game, by the way. So it will feel a bit out of place for now! ^^

You can play it for free here: https://cookiedraggy.itch.io/kincaid

Story-Writing Progress

Between fixing bugs and getting the public demo out, bunny and I decided to take it a bit easier this month. We have a laundry list of small tasks that have been piling up that we tackled. Some design decisions (more on that further down), plot-holes to fix, side-quest writing for the next planet, things like that! We’re planning to work on these in the pockets of time we have during this hectic time of the year.

Here’s our main story board with the whole manuscript as it is now. Cutscenes, dialogue drafts and everything are placed into sub-boards and refined further:

For example here is the draft for a short cutscene that plays when Kincaid first arrives in the jungle:

Kincaid is going to be a pretty story-driven game. We are going to have a bunch of cutscenes but we won't overload the game with it and Null is working on a cutscene system that allows the player to skip them!

Kinda Important: A Question To The Community!

So we have been thinking about making a change to how lewd scenes integrate with the combat. Grant you, nothing of this has been fully decided, nothing is set in stone. For now we just want to see what you guys think about this possible change:

The basic idea is that instead of Kincaid getting grappled during the combat by the enemies, instead the player has the option of walking over to a knocked out enemy and “smooch them better”, ie. the player initiates the fun activities! The animations would stay the same, it is only the context that would change.

We’re not looking to make this a toggleable option, we have considered that. We’re thinking about making this change because it would help with a lot of game design aspects. Getting grappled would not interrupt the flow of combat anymore. We would not have to design enemies around being able to have grapple moves and reach Kincaid in any situation. And it would feel more like a reward. It would also clear up which enemies are lewdable and which won’t be (like the insects).

Basically we’re seeing a whole bunch of benefits to the approach but before making a change like this in the middle of development we wanted to ask you guys what you think! ^w^

Again, this hasn’t been decided yet. We’d just like some initial feedback and thoughts on this! Null is working on a short prototype version of what this would look like that we’re going to release together with a poll in January.

Stay Warm and Until Next Week!
Cookie & Bunny


Kincaid Public Preview Christmas 2021 *Hotfix 2* 104 MB
Dec 15, 2021

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I love the smooching them better idea, I like it when the player chooses to initiate the lewd action rather than just a punishment of sorts. Granted, it may not fit for every enemy, so some enemies can do the grapple thing, but being able to choose for a majority of enemies is something I super prefer for lewd platformers

hey cookie. if i buy this its buy once and then done yeah?

It is indeed

ok then. so i'll buy now and get the full version when it releases? :3

Yes, you'll get the updates early and once the game is fully done you'll have it earlier than people who didn't pay

and bought :D


I don't know if this would be possible or even a good idea but why not both? Keep some enemies grappling you but for some others to need to be "smooched better". For example I don't think the gecko would work as an enemy that you need to initiate the sexy times with, but keep her as a "trap" would fit more


Perhaps it would be better to have a toggle option to make grappling simply result in damage instead of the lewd scene, whether or not it would be an immediate damage or could be shaken out of. This would avoid making the scene less exciting by exposing the player to it (potentially repeatedly) whilst they're trying to make progress in the game so that it's more of a surprise when they choose to actually see what the scene has to offer through the toggle option.


Happy Holidays!!! Enjoying the new update. I'm excited for story additions whenever they're ready! I'm a big fan of the idea y'all had to make the lewd animations a voluntary player choice. Having the option to engage or not with the lewd content will undoubtedly help players who want to tailor their experience. Additionally, the voluntary nature of it will reinforce the idea that Kincaid is enjoying the sex as much as the player watching it is haha. Absolute bonus if it also lightens your workload in the future! Whatever you end up deciding on, I love the game and I'm excited to see where it goes.