Weekly Roundup - Week 45 & 46 - Sprite work for Kobold Boss completed!

Art Packs & Experimental Builds

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

Sorry for missing last week’s post! I honestly just missed it and thought I’d post on Tuesday and on Wednesday I was thinking “Let’s just finish these sprites and post them on Monday!” - because that's basically all I've been focused on anyway!

Now I’m happy to present you with some of the finished animations for the fight!

Hm? You want a close-up of that "detail"? Sure, here you go!

A worthy bulge sway for a boss fight, I'd say! ^w~

Kincaid Cameo in Mundane Escapist’s Arma’s Quest

The talented peeps over at Mundane Escapists have been working on a cameo of Kincaid for their platformer Arma's Quest, complete with lewd animations! Go check it out!

You can play Arma’s Quest here: https://mundaneescapists.itch.io/armas-quest

Taking a couple of days off the week after this one

Just a heads up about next week: Bunny and I are taking a short break next week. We're back on Thursday.

The new build either drops before we leave or shortly after we come back. I would have loved to label it 2021.11, but we'll have to see how the bugfixing and tweaking goes!

Stay safe+sound,
Cookiedraggy & Nullbunny

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you guys deserve the rest after all your hard work, i hope you enjoy it!

Deleted 69 days ago

Could HE be the green ninja?