Weekly Roundup - Week 42 - Fear of the Dark

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Hi everyone!

Hope you had a nice start into the week! Here’s what bunny and I’ve been up to. ^w^

Also, the amazing cover art this week was done by GafaGear! Go follow him! https://twitter.com/Gafagear :D

Toy Session Animation Finished!

This morning we put the finishing touches on the animation and exported it for you! I had prepared a bunch of different mouths and eyes and we went through all the loops to see which combinations would look best and make a nice progression.

You can grab the art pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/57837638

Boss Artwork Progress

After Null mapped out the broad strokes of the different attacks and phases I started sketching out keyframes for all the animations.

I think good bosses don’t just attack, they also look cool while doing it, and bring a lot of attitude to the scene. I drew a couple of different ideas for each attack.

For the Ground Slam Attack a normal foot stomp would work, but we also wanted to try what a tail slam would look like.

Simple Darkness/Light System for Caves

Null made a simple system that allows us to shroud certain areas in darkness! It was mostly intended for a puzzle dungeon in the upcoming planet, but we thought it might work well for the caves, too!

Here’s what it looks like in action:

Upcoming Week(s)

The bulk of my upcoming work will involve making the boss fight as awesome as we can! It’s going to involve a lot of animating and experimenting with cinematics and sound effects.

We’re also going to implement the toy animation in the game and get some sexy sounds made for it.

Until next week!
Cookie & Bunny

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this is looking great!!! but make sure not to over work yourselves and stay hydrated!


Cheers! ^^


I love how much fun you guys seem to have making this.