Weekly Roundup - Week 17 - Back in the saddle!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

The move went smooth and we have our workstations setup again! The only thing that isn’t working yet is our landline phone because our previous ISP blocks the transfer to our new one.

The new neighbors seem very nice so far - they visited us during the move to say hello and offer help.

The first things we set up were our workstations and the coffee machine. ^w~

We’ll do the rest bit by bit during lunch breaks and on the weekend.

I went back to arting and pixeling on Monday morning. Since most animations (except for the climax) are blocked in, I started refining the shapes and rendering.

Null has been doing polish passes over the new enemies, tweaking things and replacing placeholder graphics and effects with actual sprites and particle effects.

Until next week!

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If your new neighbors ends up being Karens or entitled people, tell us.