Weekly Roundup - Week 09 - Comic, Figures and Kobolds!

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Hi everyone!

I hope you have a nice start into the fresh week! Here’s my update for you. ^w^


The polish pass over the old kobold sprites, including both acts (normal and threesome) is 100% completed now! I'm going to add them to the Art Pack tomorrow or the day after! ^w^

Here’s a little preview of their new final look:

Sound & Music

The new approach for the tiger sound design worked out great and last week we received the whole set of finished sounds. Null has already added them to the game and they will be included in the next update.

Same goes for the flying school scene as well!

New Planet

The background for the new biome has been finished and work has been started on the main tileset and decorative elements. We’re talking to our composers about the sound design and music for the upcoming area.

Once we have the first pass of the tileset available, Null will put together the next Experimental Build so you can have some fun with the new enemies and take a first look at the next area!

General Update

Overall it feels like things are moving forward at a good pace despite all the move prep going on! We’re currently making sure we have internet access going at our new place so there won’t be any hiccups and about half of our stuff has already been packed or given away.

And now for some really cool announcements!

"The Adventures of Kincaid" Comic by Ratcha!

I’m sooo excited for this collab!! Ratcha (twitter.com/ratcha_art) has been working on a comic based on the game and it looks amazing!

All the sketches, inking and part of the shading are done traditionally:

The pages are scanned in and finished digitally, giving the comic a very unique, interesting and super polished look:

If you’re interested in seeing more of the comic, head over to Ratcha's Patreon to subscribe! The first 3 pages have already been published and they look absolutely stunning! ^w^

Shady Lewd Kart Acrylic Figure of Kincaid!

You probably saw me mentioning Shady Lewd Kart here before! Shady Lewd Kart is a racing game featuring characters from all corners of the world of naughty games! If you haven’t played it yet, you can check it out here: https://shadycornergames.itch.io/shady-lewd-kart

Shady’s Corner just released an acrylic figure for racer Kincaid!

They are very limited. Also, the first 5 takers can get $5 off by using the coupon code “knot” during the checkout process! ^w~

Here's the shop: gum.co/acrylickincaid

That’s it from me. Let’s hop into another productive week~

Stay safe&sound,

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Lets go! absolutely love the game and I'm pumped that Ratcha's making a comic! The rest of Ratcha's stuff is amazing so I'm sure they'll do the game justice!