RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2023.03

Hi Space Adventurer!

I’m stoked to bring you the latest installment of Kincaid!

You can grab the build here:

Meet (and Kiss) Tiaki, the Moss Former

Our lovely kobold shaman finally has a name and a more flavorful job description! She’s also very curious about Kinny’s soft fur. Luckily, Kincaid is more than happy to give her a thorough demonstration and Tiaki has some tricks up her sleeve, too!

Explore the Old City Ruins

The first half of a new area has been added. You can access it via the stone mason’s elevator! Compared to the starting area, this section of the game will feature tighter platforming and more challenges.

New Foes

Some new enemies have appeared in the jungle!

And before anyone asks, these creatures won’t be getting a lewd animation, sorry! ^w~

Gameplay Preview

We know the overhaul took some time, but we hope playing these new sections you’ll find it was the right move for the game. More challenging platforming sections like this wouldn’t have been possible or fun in the old resolution.

Grab the build here:

Thank You for Your Support!

Thank you to our lovely patrons for supporting the creation of this project! We’ll continue to pour our blood, sweat and pixels into it for you! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts! We’re still having a blast working on this and hope you have just as much fun playing!

See you in the next roundup!
Cookie & Bunny

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we need chinese!!!!!!!!!!我们需要中文!!!!!


why even put a creature in if you're not gonna add a lewd


I mean, sometimes you just need an enemy to fight or act as an obstacle, for challenge. This is a game at the end of the day.


if you want an obstacle or challenge go play a game with those, i guarantee you most of the people here just want the lewd, it's a h game for god's sake


Well some people like when an h game has that "game" aspect and isn't just a gallery with extra steps, and imo this specific game does this "game" thing really well, having both the good lewds and also being fun to play :)


would be even better if it also had the lewd

Its a bug


and? thats hot as fuck 

Are you going to fuck a beetle?


i'm going to get fucked by a giant beetle. or i would, if it has a lewd 


bros mad just becuase there not going to sexualize a bug


No it's a feature


sounds nice but is this also for the public>?