Weekly Roundup - 02/24/2023 - Fluffy New Art Pack Released!

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

New Animation Completed!

The new lewd is done! I went all out with the creamy finale again!

Patrons at the Chief and Legendary Explorer tiers can grab the art pack of the finished animation here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/shaman-fur-pixel-79099026

Enjoy! ^w^

Working on levels

With the biggest art project done, I’m shifting my focus back to level design and making additional art for new enemies and traps. And that’s pretty much the remainder of the work for the upcoming release. It’s quickly coming together now!

After the levels have been completed, we’re going to do a couple of days of testing and fixing any bugs and then the build is ready to be released.

We’re aiming to reintroduce the save system and time permitting an option for Fast Travel, but we’ll see how that goes! If it doesn’t make it into this build, it will be a top priority for the build after as we’re now quickly expanding the levels and reintroducing the quests and stuff from the old version before the overhaul.

Until next week!

Cookie & Bunny

Overall Status Report

Upcoming Build Tasks

  • New lewd animation: Shaman Fur Exploration *DONE*
  • Minor enemies *coding completed, waiting to be animated*
  • New Area: “Kobold City Ruins” *Working on levels*
  • Visual pass over jungle levels *Started*
  • Fast Travel Locations

Long-term Projects

  • Haven *Working on mockups*
  • Soundtrack: Write a story & gameplay overview for Moon Mink to help the development of the rest of the soundtrack

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good luck with further work on the current project goals and i hope you're satisfied with what is already completed

Eeexcellent. (/MrBurns)