Weekly Roundup - 02/17/2023 - Back online in time for the roundup!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

I wasn't able to stream at all this week because we were offline until today. Somewhere in Germany a construction worker cut through cables and it impacted a lot of areas and cities for a couple of days.

Being cut off from the internet for the most part was an interesting experience, though. Not being tethered into social media that much, listening to old MP3 collections together while working and rewatching old episodes of One Piece was fun and super nostalgic! xD

Animation Progress

Almost finished with the creamy finale! You know how much I like to go overboard with the fluids. ^w~

Level Design Progress

The new levels are coming together as well. We had to go and plan big chunks of some of the surrounding areas as well to make sense of opening shortcuts and ability locked backtracking spots and optional paths. Once again, having the story and large overview map already figured out helped so much!

While the jungle is more open and easy to traverse and explore, this new area is more focused on platforming challenges and combat situations. It is also going to make more use of the ziplines as well as a couple of other new platforming mechanics we’ll introduce here.

Until next week!
Cookie & Bunny

Overall Status Report

Upcoming Build Tasks

  • New lewd animation: Shaman Fur Exploration *Climax almost finished*
  • Minor enemies *coding completed, waiting to be animated*
  • New Area: “Kobold City Ruins” *Working on levels*
  • Visual pass over jungle levels *Started*
  • Fast Travel Locations

Long-term Projects

  • Haven *Working on mockups*
  • Soundtrack: Write a story & gameplay overview for Moon Mink to help the development of the rest of the soundtrack

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have i payed for just one Update ? Because now i can only download a Public Beta

I can relate a little. Two weeks ago our internet went out for nearly a week suddenly. Not sure what caused it though. One piece is classic, the filler can be a bit much, but the characters are all so lovely.