Weekly Roundup - 02/03/2023 - Soft & Fuzzy Massage Therapy!

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Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

This week I made a good chunk of progress on the shaman animation! I still have to pick a good name for her and a more flavorful in-game title. ^w^

Shaman Fur Exploration Animation

I added a bunch of the WIPs to the sketchpack (linked above) but I also wanted to share one from the beginning of the week for you guys here:

The staff rotating in the background is just a timing experiment. I will animate it properly at the very end so it doesn't look like Prof. McGonagall using magic to stir her tea. xD

New Minor Enemies Progress

On the coding side of things, Null finished a small palette of small and simple enemies we want to use to make the levels more interesting and to break up the “kobold monotony” a little bit. For now they use ugly (sorry, hun -_-;) placeholder art made by bunny and once the shaman animation is completed, we'll choose which ones to keep and animate them properly!

Starting next week: Kobold City Ruins

Next week Null is going to dive into designing the levels for the next area and connect it to the village. This area is going to replace the old "Old Ruins" area which didn't really capture the theme and vibe we were going for. So this re-design is going to give is an opportunity at a second shot! Having the whole overall map planned out really helps us building more cohesive levels and planning out the interconnectivity better.

While we're working on this we'll roll further visual improvements to the levels into this task, so it will make up the biggest part of the remainder of the work for this build!

Until next week!
Cookie & Bunny

Overall Status Report

Upcoming Build Tasks

  • New lewd animation: Shaman Fur Exploration *Started*
  • Minor enemies *Coding completed, waiting to be animated*
  • New Area: “Kobold City Ruins” *Started on area layout, level design focus and some level ideas*
  • Visual pass over jungle levels
  • Fast Travel Locations

Long-term Projects

  • Haven *Concept Finished, Waiting for kick-off meeting with the artist*
  • Soundtrack: Write a story & gameplay overview for Moon Mink to help the development of the rest of the soundtrack

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is that a futa character i see?!

Yeah! She's been in the game for a very long time. ^w^

Nice love how the game is coming along, my biggest problem is trying to keep up with the most recent version because i check very often to see if there's a new one. Anyway love the game and again best wishes.