Weekly Roundup - 01/27/2023 - Juicy, squishy bug butts

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Hi everyone!

Hope you had a nice week! I wanna try to put out the update posts on Fridays now instead of Mondays. The main reason is basically that all the work we’ve done is still fresh in my mind and it should make it easier to write them, saving us some time. It’s also a nice way to review the week and close it off for me mentally!

Finished Project Description for Haven

The overview contains sections about the background and story of the station and the Gardeners, the alien race that built the station as a safe haven for their children. For the visual design we wrote a list of themes the whole area should cover and made moodboards for each of the themes to showcase the vibes we’re trying to go for and how they can overlap in interesting ways.

After our brainstorming and concepting sessions we took the whole chaotic shebang we created and organized it into a detailed project description for Fabian including an overview section of the whole station with some of its technical details and the story behind it.

Here’s an example of a moodboard we’re using for the theme “Biophilic Design”. The Gardeners are (or were?) a life-loving species and even though Haven is a space station, we want to bring over a feeling of “garden” and lushness into it as much as possible.

Then we wrote a whole section with the nitty gritty of the art assets we’re going to need and their specifications for sizes etc.

Here’s a small excerpt talking about different approaches for the main tileset that might work.

New minor enemies, critters and creepy crawlies!

Before anyone asks, no there won’t be animations for these either! ^w~

We’ve started working on new smallish enemies to fill out the world a bit and give some more interest to combat situations.

I’m going to bring in variations for existing enemies as well as introduce brand new types.

Here are some of the sketches I worked on this week. You can see me iterating and expanding on previous designs to come up with new variations.

I also sketched a bulbous plant that might explode or puff out poise as Kincaid gets close. I imagine it could be the same type of plant the kobolds use for their bombs and slingshot projectiles.

My plan for next week is to work more on enemy concepts as well as continue the shaman animation while Null works on potential enemy attack patterns for the creeps.

Until next week!
Cookie & Bunny

Overall Status Report

Upcoming Build Tasks

  • New lewd animation: Shaman Fur Exploration *In Progress*
  • Minor enemies *Started*
  • New Area: “Kobold City Ruins” *Started*
  • Visual pass over jungle levels
  • Fast Travel Locations

Long-term Projects

  • Haven *Concept Finished, Waiting for kick-off meeting with the artist*
  • Soundtrack: Write a story & gameplay overview for Moon Mink to help the development of the rest of the soundtrack

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