RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2022.12

Hi everyone!

Yay, it was a close one, but we still made it!

A lot of stuff happened IRL that got in the way, but we were determined to get a new build out, or at least the new animation for you guys, and here it is!

I might talk more about our horrible December in an upcoming roundup. For now we just want to release this for you to enjoy and take some rest.

Grab the build here:

Thank you for your support and as always, we hope you like what we made for you! We wish all of you a wonderful start into the New Year! ^w^

Now let’s talk about what’s in the build

Level-design wise we didn’t get around to making more levels and adding more polish as we had initially planned to. Some things happened IRL that ate more of our time (as I said earlier, may write more on that later, not sure yet, as it is sad and personal). We decided to focus on the animation since it’s about time the game got some more lewds! I even had Null help me with some of the pixel stuff this time so we could finish it on time.

New Animation: Kobold Boss

The biggest piece of content is a new lewd animation with Kincaid and the kobold boss! Yep, the one you can’t fight quite yet in the recent builds. xD If you’re new here, check out Build 2022.07 ( ) If you want to fight him! This animation would be the reward for defeating him. Once the level design of the overhaul has caught up to the Temple of Trials we’ll connect everything correctly of course!

New Save System

Null made a new save system which should be way more robust than the previous one. The new build doesn’t make much use of it quite yet, but the foundation is here.


A new movement option has been implemented: Ziplines! You’ll find a few of them throughout the current levels but we’ll make much more use of them in later levels.

Grab the build here:

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