Weekly Roundup - Week 49 - That's quite a stretch~

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Hi everyone!

I feel great, finally able to pick up my momentum again after a series of setbacks.

I hope getting sick 2-3 times in winter won't be the new norm. The flu that I got was somehow even worse than the three weeks of covid. The leaking pipe has been fixed and the drying machines have been removed from our apartment - no constant noise anymore 24/7.  x_x

The actual renovations after the damage are still outstanding which will be noisy again.

After everything is done I might have to take a week off in January or Feburary, but we'll see. For now I am just happy to be pixeling so much again!

Kobold Boss Animation Progress

Most of the rendering for the first three loops (foreplay, slow and fast) are done. Currently adding little animation details to make the animation feel more dynamic and alive. What’s still missing is the kobold’s face and then the climax loop, as well as a small transition between slow and fast. Pretty happy with my progress! ^w^

Upcoming Build Progress

Since the next animation is going to be tied to the big bold boss fight and the whole temple area, let alone his fight, aren’t added to the new world yet, the animation will only be triggerable from the gallery for now. Of course that means you won't have to unlock it for now!

It's not ideal, but at least everyone will be able to enjoy the animation until I can put it in its proper place in the game.

Null has wrapped up work on the new save system and reimplemented key & button rebinding after he replaced the old input manager with the one by JuJu Adams.

What’s left for the build is just some more visual polish and level decoration that Null is going to work on while I finish my work on the animation!

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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