Weekly Roundup - Week 48 - Zippin' down the vines

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Hi everyone!

Zipline Showcase

Null has finished his work on the rail system, which will be used for hand-over-hand climbing, ziplines and rail grinding!

Here’s some early footage of ziplines in action:

Rail grinding still uses the old system we prototyped for Glitchcaid 2. The new system uses GameMaker’s Paths feature to generate rail segments at arbitrary angles. The old prototype required you to position and stretch objects manually, and getting them to connect was kind of a pain in the butt. So this will be a big workflow improvement over the old system. ^w^

Art Progress

Other than that I just continued working on the next animation! For some parts of it I am already at the rendering stage - putting in lights and shadows and sculpting anatomy details. I also just uploaded another progress update to the Sketchpack for all $10+ patrons!

Don’t forget the latest build!

Got asked a few times if a new build has come out last week, so I thought I’d mention again that we published one last month and you can download it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/released-kincaid-74341488

Until next week!
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We going to get any of that Donkey Kong Country minecart madness?