RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2022.11

Hi everyone!

It’s finally here! But before I go into the meat and potatoes of the release post I want to say...

A Big, Fat Thank You!!

Bunny and I want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support and encouraging words during the past couple of weeks. Things have been very rough for us, but the encouragement from the community has helped us remain sane during this stressful time.

Without you I would have never dared to make a game of this scope! We love you! <3


Before you ask, this build does not contain new lewd content! If you just want to see new lewds, wait until the next one, because I just started working on the next scene. ^w~

But if you want to see the new art & levels and the overall direction we’re taking Kincaid, check this one out!

You can grab the build here:

A lot has changed!

… and is in the process of changing.

We’re in the process of switching gears from pre-production to production and a lot of the work involves incorporating the new environment art and all the changes we’ve introduced in the recent Experimental Builds into the main game branch.

New resolution - Old resolution was too limiting and we got frustrated as we tried to introduce new enemies and mechanics. The bomb throwing and flying kobolds made this painfully obvious. We bit the bullet, knowing we’d have to rework a lot of the levels but we’re glad we did it!

All new environment art - Fabian did an amazing job! Styles are different but they work well together, resulting in more readable characters in the world. It was a big project and Fabian did an amazing job. The new tilesets look gorgeous and he touched up all of the Kobold Village to fit into the new style he is bringing to the table.

Reworking the world - Big art update and higher resolution/more visible area means that it’s finally time to rework the world from the ground up - and in this build we kicked off this process! I’ve talked about it in the past:

In the beginning of development we just kind of built the world around what we were making content and feature wise at the moment. But we’ve now reached a point where the foundation is there and we can look at it critically, take it apart and turn it into a game experience that makes more sense. This includes enemy placements, cutscenes and story beats and the order in which you acquire new abilities.

There was also a big imbalance in area sizes - the jungle was so tiny compared to the temple and even the caves/mines!

We took a step back, looked at our story and planned a world map for the planet.

Combat changes - Kincaid can do full air combos that give you some amount of air time. We want to introduce more flying enemies and this change should make it more fun to fight them. Also the combo has been made a little bit longer and faster.

Kincaid has some new movement options

  • Crawling
  • Ledge climbing
  • Hand over hand
  • Ziplines (Coming next build!)
  • Rail grinding (Coming soon!)

We put a big focus on making moving around the environment more fluid and fun!

Some minor Quality of Life things

Inputs are shown in the upper right corner for a moment. Going to the pause menu brings them back up.

Options for lewd sound effects - None, only plaps and stuff, Kincaid, Kincaid+Partner(s)

What's missing still

CGs - Since Kincaid initiates now they aren’t suitable for “Game Over” situations anymore. We’re going to find new homes for them and rewrite the intros to fit the new context.

Enemy placements are temporary still as the world is still getting expanded on and new minor enemies, critters and traps will be introduced in the coming builds!

Not all rooms have been fully decorated yet - so over the next 1-2 builds we are going to cement in the visual art style of the environments and biomes, including ambient sound effects and particles, etc. - Fabian’s art is so pretty and we want to make it shine!

Not all areas are done yet - You can play up to the village and enter the rift to see wolf and bear but all the quests have been marked completed for now.

Water pass - Old water doesn’t fit anymore and we’re working on a style that will work on all planets!

Rebindable input - Temporarily broken as we moved from GameMaker’s standard input system to a new, more robust one made by a third party. It’s more robust and supports a wider range of input devices from the get go and is kept up to date!

Save Games - Save system is not in this release yet as there are only 2 areas. Instead the main menu temporarily offers you different, convenient starting points. Don’t worry, your old saves remain and are playable with older builds still!

Fast Travel - The world has gotten very big and is only going to grow, so we’re going to introduce a fast travel system very soon.

No minimap yet - we’re going to completely redo the whole UI and part of that is the minimap. We’re moving away from a square based minimap to an area-based one.

No collectible abilities - They’ll get reintroduced of course - At the right spot, in the right order. For now we’ve given the player dash ability and blaster just to have some fun with it.

Grab the build here:

Get The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)


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damn that's a LOT of new stuff there


god damn ,that's a lot and more.


looking forward to playing this again. Glad to see so much progress 


I love how prettier and prettier the game is becoming as time passes… it goes to show how real love is being put into this!

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New scenery LES GO!!! 

have you read the changelog?

I ment to put new scenery lol, my bad.

It's cool to see this game taking shape like this! I look forward to see what comes next!

will this come out for the public soon? i didn't see anything about it unless my eyes just glazed over it


I wanted to have a public build out by now, but covid and other life things threw us a curveball. I'll write about it when I can give a realistic estimate.