Weekly Roundup - Week 32 - Kincaid's Monkey Bar Business

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This week's cover art was done by the amazing Gafagear!

Hi everyone!

Short and sweet update this week!

I finished two new animations and started on another one!

Here's the animation I'm working on next:

I know you're all probably waiting on new lewd stuff, but it feels really good to get these player animations done! I want to bang these out as quick as possible and then shift gears to the next enemy! ^w^

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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That crawling anim is gonna be SO NICE for the slime ball quest...

just a general question (and if its already answered elsewhere I apologize for missing it) but what programming engine is the game made with?

Hiya! We're using the new version of GameMaker! ^^


Ah, thought so!
I assume your all set for the time being, but if you ever need some temporary help from someone familiar with the platform, I would be willing to assist with the project.

Keep up the amazing work, the gameplay and engine are amazingly fine tuned! (the art and music are amazing too of course) I played the demo a year ago and I still go back to it for reference when trying to get certain movements to feel better lol


Thank you, that is incredibly flattering that you use my game as reference! xD I'll pass that on to nullbunny.