Weekly Roundup - Week 31 - Village Touchup Progress!

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Hi everyone!

Short and sweet update again. Things are moving along nicely! I’ve been doing more work on new Kincaid animations, the overhaul of the village is progressing nicely and on the coding side, the new moveset is coming together more and more!

Animation Work

I took a short break of a couple of days from animating because of a wrist injury. I think it has mostly healed now and I’m getting back into the animation groove!

Environment Art

Fabian made some great progress with the village overhaul. We’ve been going through a couple of iterations in getting it closer to his style while keeping the vibe of the original location.

Iteration 1

With the first iteration we tried to figure out the general direction to go. Some things went against the cozy, peaceful and harmless vibe the village has, like the wooden platforms looking pretty rough in terms of material.

Iteration 2

More in the right direction, but some issues with the background. The twisting of the tree in the background wasn’t very visible anymore, so we decided to make the tree a bit darker again and work with more shades.

Also the grass on the platforms have been replaced with moss again.

Iteration 3

With this one we feel like we’ve found the right style! Some details are still left to do, like the lanterns, flags and especially the moss huts, but overall we’re very happy with how it turned out!

Once we figured out the final few details we’ll apply the same philosophy to the rest of the village! ^w^

Next week I’ll be able to show some of the new gameplay stuff!

Until next week!
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