Weekly Roundup - Week 29 - Kincaid Build 2022.07 Released + Environment Art Update!

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Hi everyone!

New Build Released!

Last week we finished the remaining work on the recently released 2022.07 Build! It is mostly a quality of life update, so I’ll just copypasta the changelog from the release post.

Grab the build here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/released-kincaid-69384780



  • Finalized sprites for the bear.
  • Finalized & touched up some of Kincaid’s cutscene sprites.
  • Kobold petal bomb has a proper explosion effect.
  • Sound effects for the bear (both combat + act).
  • Kobold orgy is back on the menu!
  • For lewd animations, players can now choose which kinds of sounds they wish to hear (or none at all).
  • Better animation controls within the game: You have now full control over the animation, including jumping back, forth, auto-progress and zoom.


  • You can no longer accidentally close the game by pressing the wrong button.
  • It’s made more clear when lewds can be started and when not and the small critters do not count towards enemies being closeby anymore.


  • Fixed a bug in the sunken temple area where two rooms would not connect properly.
  • Kincaid can no longer have some fun with the minions while the boss is still moving around.
  • Some wrong pixels in the lewd bear animation.

Environment Overhaul Update

Fabian also finished most of the remaining work on the tilesets for the jungle and temple overhaul. Next up is the village, which is another big project.

We want to preserve the happy go lucky feel of the village while bringing it closer to his style. Our plan is to pick out a small corner of the village and work on it until we find the right tone and then apply that to the rest of it.

Until next week,

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where do I buy the full version? I tried steam and is not there. I am new to all this and downloaded (I think) was the demo. I enjoyed it alot....

When will it be on the demo

A new demo is still a bit further out, sorry. ^^