Kincaid Patreon Build 2022.07

Hi Space Adventurer!

This build is mostly a quality of life build and interaction on last month’s build. I added some artwork I wasn’t able to finish as well as new sound effects, fixes, polish and other tweaks. The complete details are in the changelog below! ^w^

Patrons can download the build here:



  • Finalized sprites for the bear.
  • Finalized & touched up some of Kincaid’s cutscene sprites.
  • Kobold petal bomb has a proper explosion effect.
  • Sound effects for the bear (both combat + act).
  • Kobold orgy is back on the menu!
  • For lewd animations, players can now choose which kinds of sounds they wish to hear (or none at all).
  • Better animation controls within the game: You have now full control over the animation, including jumping back, forth, auto-progress and zoom.


  • You can no longer accidentally close the game by pressing the wrong button.
  • It’s made more clear when lewds can be started and when not and the small critters do not count towards enemies being closeby anymore.


  • Fixed a bug in the sunken temple area where two rooms would not connect properly.
  • Kincaid can no longer have some fun with the minions while the boss is still moving around.
  • Some wrong pixels in the lewd bear animation.

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