Weekly Roundup - Week 27 - Big Thunderous Bear Butt

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Hi everyone!

Since we're working on two builds right now I'll just split the post into a progress update on each. ^w^

Quality of Life Build Progress

For the upcoming Quality of Life build I wrapped up my work on the bear’s character sprites and almost finished visual effect animations for his attack.

Behold the big juicy bear butt!

I also replaced the bland white blotch for the bomb lobber kobold with a colorful new explosion animation!

By the way, the background is for the new Kobold Temple tileset Fabian has been working on, by the way!

Other than that, Null is working on a laundry list of tasks, including working the threesome animation back in, fixing bugs as they get reported and fine-tuning the sound effects for the bear act.

Overhaul Build Progress

Melee Combat

On the overhaul side of things we’ve done some refinements of the combat. One of the biggest criticisms from players has been that the combat feels a bit too sluggish. Also with the increased resolution the action felt a bit too small.

Here are some changes we’re currently trying out in an experimental build:

  • The combo has been increased to a 4 or 5 hit combo.
  • Melee attacks can be cancelled with a dodge move or a jump.
  • Melee combo can be done mid-air, making the combat flow nicer between ground combat and aerial combat.

We’re still tweaking the values a lot but overall our small group of test players said the combat tweaks have been an improvement.

Crawling and Ledge Climbing

I sketched out a couple of animations for ledge climbing and crawling and Null added them to the game. So far, playing with them feels great and I think they’re a good addition to Kincaid’s base moveset!

Going Forward

We’re close to wrapping up the Quality of Life build. Our plan for after its release is to fully focus on getting the Overhaul branch up to speed and release a first version of it in autumn, with an Experimental Preview Build somewhere in August. It is a huge amount of work and until it is done I most likely won’t be able to work on any new lewd content as Kincaid needs a couple of new animations for her moveset and ability expansion. If things go smoothly and we move along faster than I anticipate I might be able to squeeze in a small animation, but I wouldn’t count on it. I thought I'd just mention it now because illustrations for the bear as well as something for the big bold boss have been the most frequent requests lately.

Until next week!
Cookie & Null

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such a well made game ^^

Very good work, but what about the animation with the alchemist and insects? I saw that in the game bare backstreets(i am about insects animation).



No feral insects porn in this game but I might do moth people ^^

what about alchemist?

and how about add a friendly fire?