Weekly Roundup - Week 25 - Build 2022.06 Hotfix Released!

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Hi everyone!

Thank you!!!

First of all, I want to thank you for the kind words and support for our recent build! A big, big thank you for that! We have the best, super positive community anyone could ever wish for! ^w^

Build 2022.06 Hotfix 1

We just released a hotfix build that addresses the most pressing bugs and issues. Aside from these bugfixes we also reintroduced the Warp Room for people who have issues with broken saves.

Work on the overhaul is going well, and once we switch to that branch for our main builds, broken save games will be an issue of the past.

Grab the build here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/67786432

Hotfix Changelog

  • Fixed: Crash when dying under water
  • Fixed: Unable to leave temple on some sequence breaks or corrupted saves.
  • Fixed: Kincaid keeping the last cutscene frame after the lewd act.
  • Fixed: Camera jumps after a cutscene instead of smoothly sliding over.
  • Fixed: Small visual bug in the pottery moss hut.
  • Fixed: Rare game crash when climbing a ladder.
  • Fixed: Obscure collision bug where Kincaid could get stuck in the water works moss hut.
  • Changed: Reduced volume of "no damage done" chime
  • Changed: Fade out after dying is a bit faster.
  • Changed: Bear act is a bit shorter
  • Changed: Warp Room has been reintroduced for people with broken save games.
  • Changed: Lewd acts can be skipped.

Upcoming Builds

So right now we’re working on two upcoming builds:

A Quality of Life Update based on 2022.06 that adds sound effects to the bear act and polishes out some of the bear sprites that I didn’t manage to finalize before going on vacation.

The Big Overhaul build that we aim to release later this year that will introduce a whole bunch of fixes and changes at once, including a higher resolution, new movement options and abilities, collectibles (see Glitchcaid 2), a new save system, groundworks for localization and a whole bunch of other things.

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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