Weekly Roundup - Week 24 - Build 2022.06 Out Now!

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Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

I’m all refreshed and jumped right back into work!

Kincaid Build 2022.06 is out!

If you haven’t gotten a chance yet, check out the recently released build: https://www.patreon.com/posts/67786432

It features a new enemy (preview for the next planet), brand new music, more polished cutscenes. We’re also testing a change in how Kincaid jumps into bed with frenemies.

You also get access to the Experimental Build Glitchcaid 2, which showcases the new movement options we’ve been working on!

You can grab the build here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/67786432

Environment Art Update

Fabian has been hard at work on the jungle & temple art overhaul! The project is nearing completion, which means we’ll soon be able to start reworking the jungle and temple levels! ^w^

Our Short-Term Roadmap

Next up we’ll work on the quality of life release. I’ll mainly focus on wrapping up open art tasks, such as the bear sprites and some other things that have been left unfinished as I pressured on.

Null is also working on a hotfix for 2022.06 which will address some of the bugs and oddities people have reported.

Afterwards we’ll plan and start working on the next major release, which will hopefully include the world redesign, the new resolution and movement options from the Glitchcaid build.

Until next week!
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When will the free version be updated? If not, then when will the steam version be released?

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Very interesting update, intimacy actions with stunned enemies is good idea.

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Ohh come on! hope it's free... will it ever be free?

Hello Dev!

I saw a gameplay vid of your game on Ytb and I was intrigued by the art style and the gameplay, so here I am. :P

I'm wondering, would you guys ever consider making a male protag? Dunno if this has been asked before, so apologies if you have already answered this before!



It's so good :D