Weekly Roundup - Week 22 - Kincaid got HAMMERED?

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Hi everyone!

Short and sweet update while we rush to finish the next build!

Bear Bonks

I made lots of progress on the combat sprites for the bear. His final design has been developed and I blocked out all animations for his combat patterns, etc.

I’m now working on coloring them and adding some in-between smear frames where his animations need it.

Null already prototyped a simple attack pattern. There are going to be different variations of the bear, similar to the kobolds. The first one will be used to make platforming and combat with other foes a little bit more challenging:

We already have some ideas and designs for the other variations, but they're going to be added in subsequent updates! As with the kobolds, they're all going to share the same lewd act animation.

Bear Roars

We’re also started working with a voice actor to record some audio for his act. We would have liked for it to be done by the time the build is finished, but it looks like we will have to push it into the QoL update following the main release.

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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Nice work so far <3

He looks really good :D


Thanks!! :D