Weekly Roundup - Week 21 - New Animation Sketches!

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Hi everyone!

Last week I started working on some of the animations for the new moveset from our Glitchcaid 2 demo ( https://www.patreon.com/posts/66756255 ).

I also started working on the sprite set for the combat portion of the new enemy. The sketches are still too rough for me to share them yet, sorry. ^^;

Update on the Upcoming Build

I'll do my best to sketch out all necessary combat animations and color block them over the coming days. Null and I talked about it and we're thinking about releasing the new build before the sprites have been fully finished.

Usually I prefer putting out a more polished build, but I am pretty burned out and am going to take my first week off in... forever. I'd like to put out the build before that so I can enjoy my week off guilt-free. It's going to be the first LARP I attend since covid and I'm super excited to see all my friends again! ^w^

In case you missed the new stuff:

And just in case you've missed it, we've recently put out some stuff for our higher tier patrons!

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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Nice crouch

Sweet, this must take a lot of time I'll be sure to donate some money when the full update comes out :D