Weekly Roundup - Week 19 - Development Roadmap Update!

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

Bear Progress

I’ve wrapped up the rendering of the main loop! I’ve started work on the climax as well as the callouts!

No GIFs to share at this point as they’ll be part of the upcoming sketch pack and art pack!

Environment Art Update

Here’s an update to the jungle background for the overhaul Fabian is doing:

It looks so much more alive and lush than my old one! I’m super excited for the jungle art update and can’t wait to put some levels together with them!

Music Update

We’re working with Moonmink on two new tracks for the OST: Kaha’s villain theme and a theme used for some cutscenes.

I can’t show them just yet, but the pitches we’ve received are super promising!

Kincaid’s Latest Tricks!

It has been a bit quiet on the code front lately. Null is hard at work at the systems overhaul. The rebuilding of the first planet is in full swing (more on that down below), but we’ve also been working on adding new cool stuff that we can show:

Ledge Grab - We felt like the basic platformer was missing something. Barely missing a platform and falling down felt bad. We went back and forth on introducing walljumping that works everywhere and other options to help with that. In the end we decided to go with ledge grabbing/climbing. We thought it fits the type of levels we want to build a bit better.

Crawling - Only ducking felt a bit too slow and limiting so we decided to introduce crawling. It won’t be super slow tho, as not to interrupt the smooth flow of running & jumping. Together with the ledge grab it allows for far more interesting level design.

Hand-over-Hand Climbing

These mechanics only exist in code now, I haven’t done animations for any of them yet, so the footage looks a bit silly. xD

Reintroduced & reworked Hookshot - First introduced in our “Glitchcaid” demo but deemed unusable because of how little of the surrounding area the player can see. But since we’ve increased the resolution of the game it has become a viable option again!

Gliding - Kincaid’s boots can emit a powerful impulse that allows her to double jump. Now she can emit the energy continuously to allow her to glide down gently!

Rail Grinding - Kincaid can now use the forcefield of her boots to grind along rails at high speed! Cookie made the sprites for this over a year ago but like the hookshot, this mechanic also wasn’t feasible in the old resolution.

Our friend Yuudai is currently visiting and he’s helped us tweak the ability and come up with some fun platforming challenges involving the new mechanics!

Combat Tweaks - Kincaid can now do a full combo in mid-air if the first hit lands. Pulling off the full combo replenishes her dash and dashing allows her to do a follow-up combo -> This makes mid-air combo way more dynamic. I’m sure as people find insane ways to exploit this we’ll balance this a bit more, but for now it is a lot of fun. ^w~ I’ll also increase the size of her melee reach a bit more.

Reintroduced Downsmash - Another ability that was first introduced in the Glitchcaid demo. It used to be a charged melee attack. We made it easier to launch and brought it back into the overhaul version.

Reintroduced duck shooting - After we introduced crawling, it still felt a bit too limiting. Combat was too disconnected from some of the movement options the player has, so we decided to bring back the ability for Kincaid to shoot while ducking.

Reworked Dash & Dodge Roll - The dodge roll felt too sluggish compared to the dash. We brought both abilities closer together and made the roll feel more dynamic.

Swimming rework - Swimming felt too different from the rest of the game. We made it faster & less tedious and reintroduced the oxygen system from the Glitchcaid demo.

Underwater Shooting - Kincaid can fire her blaster underwater. This can be used to fight off underwater enemies and to solve switch-puzzles.

More Platforming Forgiveness - We added more small forgiveness tweaks like allowing Kincaid to jump up a platform if only a few pixels are missing for her to reach it! Nothing huge or groundbreaking, but makes the platforming experience even smoother overall.

Upcoming Build(s)

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk again about the development roadmap ahead. We’ve talked in the past about how the current levels were created around the enemies, mechanics and abilities that were in development at the time.

It is common for a game studio to create temporary levels while the game is in pre-production. The development team can use this temporary content to discover what the game needs while it is still quite malleable. And that is pretty much what we have been doing. Instead of traveling between planets with her ship, Kincaid uses weird portals right now. But this stuff is all temporary. ^^

In the final version of the game, we want the abilities and upgrades to be spread across all areas in a more logical order. For instance, the double jump is something you’d receive more towards the mid-game since it opens up way more areas than let’s say the wallgrab or the blaster.

We’re now in the middle of going from pre-production to production: Kincaid’s abilities and movement are almost set in stone, the story has been written, we know what areas we’re going to do and we have a laundry-list of fixes and refactoring tasks we need to do to the engine, especially the camera and the save system.

The levels will get redone with these changes in mind and using what we learned from our players during the development until now. We're also using the new art Fabian is doing now.

The overhaul will also include an update to the UI and HUD elements and introduce the currency and other collectable items & upgrades. Introducing them in the current version would just feel like we tacked them on since the levels weren't designed around them back then.

That basically means we're working on two versions at the moment:

We’re using the current version to bring you new content updates and in the background we're developing the overhaul version with the level redesign, new abilities, mechanics, etc.

Once the overhaul version is stable, we'll switch over and the new version becomes the main development branch.

This allows us to do the necessary rebuilding of the game while keeping our regular update schedule.

Thank you all from the bottom of our heart for the outpour of love and support you've given us! I can’t wait to bring these updates to you!

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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nó quá hay


played this for about 3-4 years i think its gone  a long way

Some of that new movement is giving me slight Sundered vibes.



Never heard of that one, looks pretty cool!


It’s a curious take on the metroidvania style with it being a roguelite. To me all the endlessly spawning ended up getting old, but not enough that I didn’t finish the game twice (once with each set of upgrades). The map does end up opening in interesting ways as you progress. Also, that being Thunder Lotus, it’s absolutely gorgeous. They’ve got likely the best 2D spritework I’ve seen anywhere. Worth a check for sure


I bought it immediately after seeing the Steam page, it looks like a lot of fun!


This just went from a pretty solid platformer, to, "you haven't seen nothing yet" real fast.

Kincaid doesn't happen to be friends with any blue hedgehogs does she?


No, but she is a big fan of a certain lombax engineer! ^w~

man i hope the update is free👉👈...