Weekly Roundup - Week 17 - Looks like he is bearly fitting inside her!

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Hi everyone!

Sorry for missing the last two updates, but rest assured, I have been hard at work! I didn’t have many different things to show in terms of art, because I’m still working on the bear act animation and I was in the stage between finalizing the block in of the animation and moving to rendering.

Too many layers - I lost my bearings

I organized the layers into three main groups: Upper body, back and junk. With this organization I hope I can create more variations of the core loop more easily. For example, I can reuse thrusting frames from the upper and lower body to make a slower variation, and only redo the balls to match the slow dynamic by giving the balls more of a squish instead of a smack.

I had a lot of problems finding a rendering style for the polar bear that I liked. Bright or white characters are a pain in the butt to get to look nice fully shaded.

Here are two of the options I ended up trying out:

The main differences are the positions and coloring of the outlines and shadows.

The theme of this animation is the size difference between Kincaid and her big fluffy lover, not only in their body sizes, but also his unbearably large tool! I thought it would be cute and funny to include some awkward moments, like having him slip out or him having trouble finding the right spot initially and Kincaid giving him a helping hand. ^w~

Another thing I want to try out with this one is using callouts for their faces. Part of what makes art hot for me is seeing the characters' emotions. But since the animation’s focal point is their backsides you wouldn’t see them.

That’s where I am at with the animation! Still a bit of work left to do and I also have to do the combat animations. x_x

Until next week,
Cookie & Null

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What program do you use for animation? That gui gives me a sense I like with pixel art, and the fact that your animations come from it means its got to be a good program!

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I love your art thank you for this fantabulous game


You really put your all into every... satisfying inch of this game and it shows. Thanks for sharing it with us. 🍆👌💦 


Wow amazing 

Same Here~! Cheering you both on all the way~!

Thanks !!

You guys are doing a great job Cookie and Null

I'll wait as long as it takes for everything to be good in the game ^w^


Thank you <3