Weekly Roundup - Week 13 - Teddyous Pixel Art

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Hi everyone!

This week I’ve been working more on the Barbearian!

I tried our more body sizes, clothes, equipment and possible attack patterns for him.

I also started on some possible act scenarios, but I’m not sold yet on any of them. Here are some of the sketches:

I also finished the remaining sprites that were needed for cutscene animations. I’m pleased with how expressive we can make Kinny now during story sequences and character interactions. ^w^

Kincaid’s companion also got some attention. I will probably revisit Ai’s design some more, but I think I am pretty close to something that I like!

The jungle tileset overhaul is also coming along nicely! The base tiles are all done and we’ll now touch up the parallax background layers as well as the decorative elements to fit with the new tiles:

Until next week! ^w^

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