RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2022.03

Hi Space Adventurer!

You’ve waited long enough for this, so without further ado.. ^w^

You can grab the build here:

New Quest Added: Help the village by fixing the broken water supply!

After a hard day’s work, a kobold would very much like to take a hot shower. But how can he do it if the water is not working?

Something is clearly wrong with the piping and I’m pretty sure the rivaling tribe is behind it all!

How to get the new content

Hint: Follow the piping system and find out where it leads you!

“I still can’t find it! Please just tell me where to go”

Click here to learn where you have to go! (Spoiler Warning) 

New Characters Introduced: Meet Ai & Kaha!

Also in this build we’re finally revealing the first couple of story bits!

If you want to see the cutscenes you will have to start a new save game from the beginning. Because of sequencing issues, the cutscenes will not be available in older saves.

But that is not much of an issue: The first cutscene is right at the start of the game, and the rest follow very shortly after.

So you could just start a new save just to watch the scenes if you wanted to. ^w^

Regarding Future Story Bits in Kincaid

As of right now, the cutscenes are pretty close to each other. This will change though with the upcoming rebuild of the jungle area, as we will space areas out differently.

One of the cutscenes in this game is a liiiittle bit on the longer side. That might not be up everyone’s alley but rest assured that we will try to keep longish cutscenes to a minimum. The focus will be on gameplay and “show not tell”, but some cutscenes and expositions will be necessary.

Once we have the hubworld and the tutorial mission that will precede the events of the demo, a lot of the exposition will be broken up and moved to different parts of the game.

Also note that cutscenes are currently not skippable. This will change in the future, as well!

And now… Have fun!

And again, thank you *so so much* for supporting Kincaid’s development. We hope you’ll have fun with the new content.

And let us know what you think of the content. ^w^

Warm regards,
Cookie & Bunny


  • New Quest added: Water Works! (Includes a full new pixel scene)
  • New characters introduced: Kincaid’s sidekick Ai and the evil queen Kaha!
  • The first batch of story cutscenes have been added!
  • Sounds for “Toy Test-Ride” animation has been added!
  • Fixed some bugs in the boss fight.
  • By popular demand, the mason Pohaku is also now present in the gallery version of that scene!
  • A bunch of minor bugfixes.

Get The Adventures of Kincaid (18+)


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New build, New build, New build, NEW BUILD!!! :D