Weekly Roundup - Week 08 - More Cutscene Production! (GONE LEWD)

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Hi everyone!

More Cutscene Work

This week we've just been doing more work on cutscenes - me making sprites and Null coding and writing.

I'll probably not finish all the sprites before I put out the upcoming build - I hope you won't mind a few placeholders, but the "build pressure" has been building up and I feel like you guys deserve the new content!

Here are some more sketches for your enjoyment, though! ^^

Until next week!
Cookie & Bunny

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please take your time, if you need more to finish something or make sure there's no game breaking issues in collision detection or what have you. The sprites are great, Kincaid and company are cute, sexy and wonderful, just keep having FUN with your work. "If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life" <3

Thank you! ^^