Weekly Roundup - Week 07 - Cutscene Production!

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

Cutscene Work

This week I've been working on writing & character animations that will be used in story cutscenes!

I don't want to show too many of them yet, but here are some sketches I can share. ^w^

Not super happy yet with the faces... pixel faces are so hard x_x

Here are some Akamai expressions!

And here we have our newest addition to our cast: The evil sorceress Kaha!

New Art Pack

Also, last week I finished and uploaded the new lewd scene that'll be added to the upcoming build!

Patrons can grab it early here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/62549583

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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i really need to play this a again i have lay it of for to long.