Weekly Roundup - Week 05 - Layers of Despair

Weekly Roundup - Week 05 - Layers of Despair

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone!

Last week and this week I just focused more on finishing the upcoming animation! You can check out my Twitter for some screencaps for my streaming announcements and I also put out a sketchpack of it.

Today I finished doing the creamy goodness part of the animation! What's left to do is another pass over the facial expressions to animate them and give em transitions.

I also finished the pre-act part of an animation of just the two kobolds under the shower, having some fun before they invite Kincaid to join them!

Overall Build Progress

The animation is the biggest part of the new build, but we're also working on smaller things. Null added sounds to the dildo riding scene and this time the new scene will have sounds right off the bat as well, because we ordered a big batch of sounds from our voice actress in advance!

Null has been working on making cutscenes for the start of the jungle section that are going to introduce the first bits of story. You'll be meeting the main antagonist of this chapter pretty soon!

Sorry again for the late roundup, I was just so focused on animating that I forgot to write the update. The later stages of animation are always very tedious and require a ton of concentration. To give you an idea, here is the layer and frame structure for this one:

Yikes x_x

Thanks for reading and see you soon, hopefully on Monday with a regular update!


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Hey, this thing could easily become one of the best lewd platformers EVER made. So, take your time. Make it shine!

As an artist that likes do dabble in pixel art, that screenshot terrifies me.