Weekly Roundup - Week 04 - Happy Lunar New Year!

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Hi everyone!

“Domcaid” Showcase Build

So it’s been a week since we released the small showcase build for Kincaid initiating. We haven’t made a final decision yet, but we got a lot of positive feedback about it, especially from our community.

Please keep in mind that the build is in no way debugged or stable. It is simply meant as a showcase so players can see what the change would feel like.

The biggest benefits that we see are:

  • It's more in line with the tone we had in mind for the game.
  • Not having to design enemies around grapple attacks.
  • It is more clear which enemies have animations and which do not (for instance, insects don't stay around in a dazed state, so there is nothing to interact with. New players don’t let themselves get stung, wondering why nothing is happening and being disappointed)
  • Combat feels more fun and fluent
  • Allows for Kincaid being more dominant in some of the animations we do down the line, which is something that is requested a lot.

Bottom Line

Overall, we would consider it a shift in gameplay, but not a shift in tone, since the animations and the vibe we are going for would be the same.

Essentially we'd give up the old "lose to win" mechanic for more freedom in enemy design and flavors of animations with enemies.

Check it out:

Again, thanks everyone for having a look and sharing your opinion!

If you haven’t had a chance yet to check it out, you can grab it here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/61582560

Art Progress

On the art side of things I’ve been making good progress on the shower scene! I’m at the detailing stages now. I’ll be releasing a sketchpack very soon and when it’s done the full art pack as usual!

You can grab sneak peeks of it though on Twitter, Picarto archives or on our Discord!

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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I think you're doing a great job. Wonderful animations. I also really feel like it shouldn't be 'either or',  it depends on you, the animator, whether you like the grappling and loss features enough to keep going down that road or not. Doing an animation to 'win' and to 'lose' vs an enemy is a lot of work, but I think everyone would love your work so long as there's more of it <3 <3 Can't get enough~  Also hope your new years going well~

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You are doing great Keep up the good work :D