Weekly Roundup - Week 52 - Holidays are over! Back to work!

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Happy New Year! I hope you all had some cozy holidays and a nice start into 2022! ^w^

Development of the next Patreon Build is underway

I already started working on a new animation for the game!

The next build is going to feature:

  • A new lewd act in the village (and possibly the side-quest leading up to it).
  • Some of the first story cutscenes and sequences.
  • And a bunch of new sound effects, including full voicing of the toy riding animation!

Experimental Build

Null is also working on an experimental build to showcase the possible change in how the lewd content and combat interface with each other as talked about in the Christmas post.

Web Build

A web version is being tested right now by some test players. There are still a few glitches, but it is getting to a point where I feel like it might be possible to actually offer a half-way decent web version again. One big issue is that parts of the game run pretty slow in the browser on older machines. I’m worried about it being representative of the quality of the game. GameMaker just released another patch with performance improvements, so we’ll see if that manages to squeeze out some more FPS.

If I think it is good enough to be released I will probably still include a warning about glitches and recommend you to download the PC version, but at least Mac and Linux players will be able to check it out again!

Again, no promises yet, but I was excited about the development and wanted to let you know! ^w^

Happy New Year,

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