Weekly Roundup - Week 48 - Bugfixes and New Public Demo Coming Soon

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Hi everyone!

Last Thursday we came back home from a short vacation with my parents. The rest of the week we did some planning for the upcoming builds and did some more bugfixing work. Null has uploaded a new hotfix for the current build that you can grab here: Kincaid Build 2021.11

New Public Demo Soon!

Sometime next week we also want to release a new public demo of the game. It is going to include the gecko lady as well as the scene with Akamai. The boss fight and solo act are going to stay Patreon-exclusive for the time being. I would have liked to include the boss in the public, but it is still missing a bit of polish and sound effects, and I want to wait these out before I make it publicly available.

New Music and Sound Effects in the works!

We're also waiting on a bunch of new lewd sound effects for Kincaid that we're going to use in the upcoming scenes.

And with the majority of the tilesets for the next planet done we thought we'd also go ahead and get started on the music for these areas as well.

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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