Kincaid Build 2021.11

Hi Space Adventurer! ^w^

The new build is here! Let’s see what’s inside~

Mason Quest Reward!

The quest reward for finishing the mason’s quest for conveniently shaped marble has been added! If you already finished the quest, it should unlock by just talking to him again.

Big Bold Boss Battle!

It’s finally time for another boss battle!

You’ll be able to face the Heavy BOI by going to the obvious boss room in the upper temple area (or start a new game, grab the upgrades you want and use the handy-dandy warp portal).

The boss is going to need some more polish around the cinematics and his tail slam attack effect is still missing, but I am taking a couple of days off and didn’t want to make you wait any longer! ^w^

Warp Room

If your save games get borked you can now start a blank save, grab any upgrades you want from the new start room and use one of the teleporters to get near where you last left off. This won’t fill out the map for you, but at least you don’t have to waste a bunch of time redoing everything.

I hope this quick fix helps with some of the frustration while Null makes a new save game system.

Patrons can grab the build here:


  • New content as mentioned above
  • Shooting now cancels dodge roll (melee and jumping already did this)
  • Various smaller tweaks and fixes

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I would love to see some reverse cowgirl, amazon and standing sex postions in future builds! :)


This game has changed so much its but that has only made it better. Honestly this is one of my all time favorites out of every type and style of adult/NSFW games.

Cookiedraggy, you and your team have made a fantastic game and it will only improve. Take care of yourself and the same for your team.


I *might* give a little to your patreon next month because I really wanna see more. It'll depend of how my bank account is.


Is this the current public build or is it patreon exclusive?