Weekly Roundup - Week 43 - You spin me right round baby

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Hi everyone! ^^

Last week I continued working on attack pattern animations for the Koboss!

Spin Attack Animation

I had a lot of fun working on this animation! I found a cool tutorial on tornado animations which helped a lot in this.

I stared out by sketching in a rough shape as a base and some notes (yellow) on the offset each tornado segment is going to have.

From there on out it was a matter of blocking in each segment and making it fit into the animation structure:

With a solid base done, the rest was mostly just "filling in the blanks" and making sure each frame looks nice and the colors blend together nicely.

I also added a little detail to the bottom of the tornado, having it whirl up some dust.

Here's what the finished attack looks like:

I might also add some fists and a tail tip that can occasionally be overlaid with the base sprite.

Progress on other attacks

Here are some GIFs of the other animations, in various stages of "doneness".

I infused some Zangief energy into the fight and Null suggested it might be funny to show his strength by making him throw the boulders casually, like a basketball. His threes won't be doing 3 points of damage, rest assured. ^w~

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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Damn, you're giving a boss the power of spinjitsu XD


I was thinking the same thing 🤣


wow the boss is amazing   when will be ready to play on  the demo


The animations have so much character already! I love it!


Thank you!!