Weekly Roundup - Week 41 - Boss Spritework Started!

Hi everyone! ^w^

I had a bit of a rough start into the week, so I'll keep this update short and sweet!

Art Packs

Sketch Packs

The toy riding animation is almost completed. I just have to tweak the faces a bit more. Getting pixel faces to look right is still difficult for me sometimes! xD Other than that, the animation loops have been completed. Slow riding, fast riding, climax and afterglow.

If you're curious how it looks you can check out my Twitter for a preview!

Next I'll make the sprites for the boss fight. Null has finished coding it and we made a rough list of animatioins we need and the estimated number of frames.

After the sprite work for the boss is done I'll consider making an undressing/foreplay loop for the toy riding one. It's one of my favorite parts of my animations, but I thought in case I'll get stuck, I can at least put out a build with the boss fight and the animation and deliver the rest later, in a following build, rather than pushing the boss fight over! ^w^

I also really like the way the nippies came out - so I'm wondering if I should revisit the Sky Scouts teacher scene and bring some nips to it, as well?

Until next week and stay safe+sound. <3

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