Weekly Roundup - Week 40 - Animation & Boss Fight Progress

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Art Packs

Sketch Packs

Hi everyone! ^w^

Animation Progress

If you want to see some progress GIFs of that, head over to my Twitter or check out the animation sketchpack I just put out:


Environment Art Progress

Work on the third biome of the next planet is progressing as well. The background of this area has been completed:

Boss Fight Progress

Null sketched out some attack patterns for the boss and we decided on a handful we want to use for this fight.

Here are some animations of them in action:

The next step is polishing each pattern and adding more variety to it and then putting everything into actual sequences and introducing a second phase as well as some cinematics to turn it into a well-rounded boss fight!

I’m hoping by the time the boss fight has been programmed I’ll be done with the current animation loop so I can seamlessly move over to making sprites for the fight!

Until next week!

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So much hype. That's one big boi!


PLS make a linux version



It runs surprisingly well in wine. I haven't encountered any bugs with it. Try it out. WineHQ

Should be in the repositories for Ubuntu, Debian, and Fedora. So you should be able to find it in your GUI package installer; Gnome software, Synaptics, Discover(KDE), Muon Software Center, and etc.

If you're in a Arch based distro I recommend looking at the Arch wiki to get it up and running- Or you can use the AUR's wine-git.