Weekly Roundup - Week 35 - Lots of writing!

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Hi everyone!

Here’s what we’ve been working on the past two weeks! Basically it comes down to lots and lots of plotting, planning and writing!

Since we were already in a writing mindset for the upcoming scene, we thought we’d tackle a big chunk of story work we had been procrastinating on.

We’d always pushed off this kind of work because, let’s face it, the art is the most important and interesting aspect!

Fabian is making so much progress with the biomes for the upcoming areas, though, that we were running out of design space not touched by story and world-building aspects for him to flesh out. So we decided to carve out a couple of days to just focus on getting some story work out of the way.

We had the major plot points figured out a long time ago already, but a lot of the inbetween stuff needed to be decided on still. It was nice spending some time just storyboarding and turning rough storybeats into actual scripts, cutscenes, side character arcs and mini-quests, dialogue, environmental storytelling, etc.

Here’s a screenshot of what this looks like roughly:

We often start out in our journals or on the whiteboard, bringing ideas together and then moving it to a digital format to cement it.

The tool we are using is called Milanote by the way. Milanote is just amazing, by the way. If you’re doing any sort of creative work that requires visual planning, definitely check it out! It’s been a very fun way to collab on stuff and it is quickly replacing our previous planning tool, Dynalist, which is more focused on text-based nested lists.

Until next week,
Cookie & Bunny

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