Weekly Roundup - Week 33 - Kincaid is Just in Slime!

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Hi everyone!

It’s time for another weekly roundup!

New Art Pack Finished!

Last week I wrapped up work on the set of illustrations for an upcoming scene with one of the kobolds in the village. Fans have requested to see the more dommy side of Kincaid, and that wish shall finally be granted! ^w~

Patrons can grab the art pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/55124993

Story Writing & Planning next release cycle

This week I am going to take a small break from lewd art to focus on storywriting as well as designing some upcoming characters & things that are important for later in the game!

Meanwhile Null is working on the coding tasks for the upcoming build and outlining the lewd scene that goes along with the new set of images.

Kincaid starring in Malerouille’s Just in Slime

Malerouille just released a cute mini-game called “Just In Slime”!

It's a lewd cooking game where you try to make the perfect slime to satisfy your customers' kinks.

And guess who is one of the customers? Come on..! A kinky, cute shop with slimes! Kinny is not gonna miss out on that! ^w~

You can check out the game here: https://malerouille.itch.io/just-in-slime

Adult (18+) Action Games Demo Bundle #3

The Action Games Bundle is back with a bunch of new games and updated demos! The bundle is traditionally “Pay what you want” - all games are completely free! So if you’re looking for a new challenge, give them a try!


Also a big shout out to HentaiWriter of Future Fragments for setting this up again!

Until next week!
Cookie & Null

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