Weekly Roundup - Week 32 - New Public Demo is Out!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Here’s what bunny and I have been up to!

Cowgirl Scene Progress + Sketchpack

Last week I finished a big chunk on the next CG set. I’m already at the rendering stage and I will also make a few more variations of it like I usually do! And, of course, the popular x-ray vision of the action. ^w~

The finished sketch has been released as a sketch pack for $10+ patrons here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54855466

Public Build Release + Trailer

Null spent the week fixing bugs and wrapped up the public build. He also made a trailer for it to showcase some of the new stuff that has been added!

You can watch the trailer here: https://twitter.com/cookiedraggy/status/1425561782224031753

Tell your friends they can play the latest build for free now!


Idea: Game Over Stories as a new Patreon reward?

We got a lot of praise and heartwarming feedback for the writing of the gecko scene and it made me wonder if there is an interest in having these stories as a readable PDF, too, next to the art?

Until next week!
Cookie & Null

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Does this one have voice acting for the sabertooth?

Yep ^^

PERFECT! I'll download it here shortly!

Can't find the gecko girl

She is in the patreon build ^^

when will be on itch.io to download   : )

That is going to take a while as we just updated the public demo.

ok so how long   is   gonna   take   a   few weeks then I can wait   

and also   an idea   of   the   boss   I   have   one   idea   how   about   the   red   clan   queen   or   king   Kincaid   vs   red   clan   queen   or   king