RELEASED: Kincaid Build 2021.08

Hi Space Adventurer! ^w^

I'm excited to present you with the newest installment of Kincaid!

This one started out as a Quality of Life build, but as life would have it, Null's coding efforts took a little longer than he had anticipated and we decided to roll it together with a bunch of new content to make one bigger release.

Gecko Game Over CG + Sound Effects

The new CG set contains 8 variations and the story that goes along with it is almost 2800 words long (2798 to be exact)!

I also mentioned earlier that the build would release without sound effects for her, but our sound designer is a super star and he managed to deliver the new sounds way ahead of schedule!

The only thing missing still is Kincaid's climax - The sound effect got uploaded just as I started uploading the build to Patreon. xD

New Combat System

Another big chunk of work in this build is the new combat system. Null wrote it completely from scratch for a variety of reasons. We also added a bunch of extra polish to combat to make it feel better:

  • New punch and splat effects
  • New "swooshes"
  • Hitting enemies can knock them back
  • Defeated enemies get knocked back extra hard instead of just splatting to the floor like before.

Let us know what you think of the changes!

Next Planet Preview

The Glitchcaid Rift in the chambers of the Kobold Queen has reopened! It now leads to a little preview area to showcase some of the art for the next planet we've been working on!

There's also a new song added for this area as well!

Be sure to check it out!

Smaller Quality of Life Changes

In earlier builds of the game, when you hit your head it sent Kincaid flying down, making some jumps unnecessarily difficult.

Now, if you hit your head, Kincaid sticks to the ceiling for just a little bit, before starting to fall.

It's a subtle change but it makes managing some areas much easier and it just feels nicer.

That's the biggest changes so far! Be sure to check out the changelog for some minor things as well.

You can download the build here:

Have fun with the game!
Cookie & Bunny

2021.08 Changelog


  • Gecko Game Over Scene with 2798 words!
  • Gecko sound effects (gameplay & act)!
  • New Attack: Upper Cut!
  • New Music: Mystic Forest Theme!
  • New Area: Mystic Forest Preview Area (Accessible via the Glitchcaid Rift in the Treetop Palace)!
  • New punch effects, impact effects and attack swooshes!
  • New minor enemy: Will O Wisp!
  • Quality of Life addition 'Head Bump Forgiveness': When you bump your head on a ceiling at high speeds, Kincaid now sticks to the ceiling for a moment before falling down!


  • Completely overhauled the combat system.
  • Tigers have been rewritten from scratch. They're a bit more like relentless fighters now.
  • Sneak bush tigers have been removed (for now).
  • Flying insects now hurt you on touch.
  • The wolf has been moved to the new preview area.
  • Aerial forward attack has gotten a nerf.
  • You can only attack once per jump, but it resets on double jump.
  • Healing now consumes on use and is applied at the climax of the animation. If you get interrupted in between, the healing charge is lost.


  • Healing energy pellets circling Kincaid endlessly.
  • Wolf has updated attack boxes to be more fair.

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i still cant play it, can someone link me the software to run this?


When release the game on steam?

I love your work and i can't wait to play, GL with this project


sound cool can;t wait 


Can't wait for this game to be released on Steam :3