Weekly Roundup - Week 29 - Gecko CG Is Live!

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Hi everyone! ^w^

Gecko CG Set Done!

I finished the CG for the gecko! If you’re a $25+ patron you can grab the pack here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/54171218

Gecko Sound Effects

There were some issues with the sound effects for the gecko and our sound designer will redo the batch. Unfortunately this means the build is most likely not going to ship with the sound effects.

What’s next?

With this out of the way you can expect the new build to drop soon! Null has finished the draft for the story that goes with it and while I edit it, bunny is going to wrap up the remainder of his refactoring work. ^w^

Warm regards,

Cookie & Bunny

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can t wait! you guys always manage to impress me with everything!