Weekly Roundup - Week 25 - Upper-Cut, Dust & Smoke

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Hi everyone!

As usual, here's what we have been up to this week! ^w^

Redesigning Mid-Air Melee Attack

I already touched on this in a previous post. Basically the jump attack is faster than the ground attack and also easily spammable, making it essentially stronger than the regular forward melee attack.

We originally introduced this attack to give Kincaid a better way to deal with flying enemies.

We had a few different ideas on how to redesign this attack and spent some time this week experimenting with different approaches.

Option A: Mid-Air Combo with Air-Halt

A friend and playtester suggested to give this route a try. Inspired by some of the weapons in Devil May Cry, the way this attack would have worked was that Kincaid could continue her melee combo mid-air and allowing her to pause mid-air if her hits connect, similar to how shooting works right now.

It really didn’t feel like it fits into the game and would have pushed it too much into the “enemy juggling” corner that we didn't think fits the game really well, so we quickly discarded it.

Unfortunately Null didn't record any footage of it. It looked pretty cool and was fun, but ultimately we decided against it.

Option B: Upper-Cut Attack

Our next attempt, and the one that looks like we will stick with, looks like this:

  1. Make the current mid-air smack smaller.
  2. Only one mid-air attack per jump, so it cannot be spammed.
  3. Double-Jump resets mid-air, giving you an additional attack.
  4. Pressing up while attacking switches from a forward attack to an upper cut attack, both while jumping and standing on the ground.

Null repurposed some of the sprites we already had to mock up a prototype of this:

We’ll tweak this version more and give it to some playtesters before we commit to adding it to the game and making animations for it. ^w^

Tiger Rework

We were really unhappy with the current AI design of the tiger! He didn’t feel like the relentless beast he is meant to be, so Null designed the enemy from the ground up.

Instead of flinching at the bap, the tiger now has a certain amount of poise points that get depleted as you land blows. If you continue to attack as he is dazed, he will recover and withdraw to regain composure. I hope he'll be more fun to fight like this! ^w^

Another change is that the pounce attack now does damage.

Smoke & Dust

As part of an ongoing effort to add more and more polish to the game and make it feel more rounded, I made a library of dust and smoke effects!

Stay safe+sound,
Cookie & Null <3

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As a platformer fanatic, I gotta say, I am loving these changes. I did send a bunch of feedback quite a while back, and it looks like everything relating to combat got addressed quite nicely.

R.I.P. triple air attack combo that deleted kobolds, it was fun for a brief time, but is gone for the better.


Thank you for the feedback. It was very helpful indeed! ^^ It took us a while to get there, as it is hard to balance new (lewd) content with taking a break from that to focus on im proving the gameplay core of the game.


Y'all do good work, take all the time you need.