Weekly Roundup - Week 24 - New Music & Impact FX

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Hi everyone!

Here’s what we’ve been up to this week! ^w^

New Impact Effects

I spent most of my time this week on animating various new impact effects. I experimented with a few different styles. I also made special variations for bigger enemies.

Underneath this I add another layer of secondary effects to give it more depth and punch:

I threw these in the trash!

Here are some of the sketches and dismissed effects that I prepared but decided not to go with:

I didn't enjoy the comet-like splashes flying away from the enemy. It looked more like a wet splash than a punch impact.

I liked this effect, but it didn't feel right when trying it out inside the game. This sort of punch felt more suitable to something like a boxing game maybe. The shape suggests the energy splashing away in all directions uniformly and steadily, taking away from the speed of the punch.

Forest Area Music Preview

The main theme for the coming area has also been completed! We uploaded a preview snippet for you here:


Follow our composer Moon Mink on Twitter

We often get asked who is behind the music of Kincaid. I'm happy to announce that our composer, Moon Mink, now has a Twitter account you can follow! ^w^


Until next week!
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I suggest every third punch is a strong punch. Like one - two are weak punches which is he last gif, then third punch is the 4th gif.

Increasing levels of snoot boopage