Weekly Roundup - Week 23 - ONE PUUUUNCH

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Hi everyone!

This past week I took a bit of a break from illustration to work on some combat improvements with Null. It’s been on our todo list for a while and we decided to finally tackle it.

Basically, we’re unhappy with how the combat feels in its current state. The visual effects were always meant to be just placeholders (the white circular flashes) and the way the enemies just plap to the ground instantly isn’t very satisfying.

We played a bit with different impact effects for different enemies, like the slimes jiggling when you hit them.

We wanted to come up with a more consistent aesthetic for the overall game, though.

Here’s some GIFs of what we’ve come up with so far:

Enemies might get knocked around a bit when you hit them and slide across the ground when defeated.

Flyers might have little to zero knockback and stun.

The tiger was the enemy we introduced when our lackluster combat feel became painfully obvious. He is a big beast but he has almost no impact on being defeated, just flopping on the ground where he was standing.

Here’s what we’re trying out for bigger enemy types:

All GIFs also feature some new visual effects I sketched out! They’re still very rough and we’re trying out different styles before we settle! ^w^ I also want to add smaller secondary effects like particles flying away.

After this we want to tackle the issue of mid-air grapples and the snapping to the ground!

See you next week!

Cookie & Null

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I love the feel of movement in the game, and these new combat physics look like they're going to add another layer to that! I can already imagine areas where you gotta jump between small platforms and use that big punch from the second gif to throw enemies off of 'em.


Dang, big improvement already.  Just working on the visuals for now?


Visual polish and the CG-set for the gecko! As well as a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements on the code-side. ^^ For instance, getting grappled mid-air feels very janky right now, so it needs to be fixed.