Weekly Roundup - Week 22 - Grab The Gecko Build! (PLUS: New environment art)

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Hi everyone! ^w^

First of all, thanks to everyone who played the recent build and sent us their feedback! I'm super happy that our lizard girl has been so well received!

Grab the Gecko Build!

If you haven't played it yet, you can now download the newest build here:


Up The Icy Mountain!

Fabian has been working on the next couple of biomes, which will be adjacent to the spooky forest we showed a few weeks ago:

We also have ordered some new songs for the upcoming areas. Once we wrap up our business in the jungle, we'll be able to hit the road running for the next planet, with so much of the assets already in place!

Plan for the upcoming build

Here’s a short punch list of things we are getting done for the upcoming build:

  • Gecko Game Over Scene
  • Sound Effects for the gecko and some other missing parts
  • Some graphical polish
  • Bugfixes

Until next week!

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Just found a bug that prevented me from getting one of the health upgrades. During the fight with the wolf, if you lose your last bit of health to his magic attack after knocking him out but before grabbing the upgrade then you respawn in the appropriate room, but with no way to get said upgrade.

Note that this is in the public build. I don't know if you've fixed it already or not.

Deleted 69 days ago

Oh my gosh, thank you so much!! I forwarded the comment to Fabian, our environment artist. :D